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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I went visiting yesterday. The 'visiting day was a really bad day choice,because there was school the following day,and our family know that we will definitely,no doubt,get back home late.

So i said to Dad, "If i don't wake up for school on Tuesday,I'll put the blame on you." And so, it turned out that i cannot-not don't want to-go to school ,because of somethings...

Yea,so this year's Hari Raya's visiting was how do i put,how do i put it?...boring and rushing! I observe some interesting things when we going from house to house,

-This thing happens EVERY YEAR and the same things are said every time,
Every time,when my relatives visits or i visit them,and whenever they/my family finish eating they'll/we take their dirty plate to the sink and start washing them despite knowing that the owner of the house will clean it up. And i hear this phrase every time "No,no,no just put it there,I'll wash it." And the visitor of the house says "Nevermind,nevermind I don't want to trouble you." Yes,i hear that every time,not only during this festive season,but whenever we go and visit any of our relatives anytime of the year. And everytime when this commonly sentence being use,I'll be thinking,"Are they just being polite,and say that they'll wash 'em or do they REALLY wanna wash 'em??" "I wonder if they really want us(visitors) to wash those plates ourselves."

-Every year,our family-whole family,with my cousins and all- takes a family photograph at my house,we will be all hype about how the it,and careful to make sure that every angle,lighting,pose is perfect,but sadly the picture is never printed out or washed. :(

-What else...hmm... Oh right,Mom. This year, around like 11PM at night. Obviously. She went on and on and on telling about repeating about ghost stories. I don't mind if people wanna tell 'em in the afternoon or whatever. But it was like late at night and we were all very tired,and there she was telling about ghosts and stuffs. I was like "I get it! We all get it,we all knew what happened! And I just please I just wanna get some peace here!

-I have learned not to clean up the house for any festive season or occasion at the last minute because that is when my Mom will gets all cranky at me. Its like I'll be sitting there watching TV or doing something,and all of a sudden she'll be all mad at me for no reason at all. And also,I had to clean up my entire messy room in 24hrs. So note-to-self:Never leave the room unclean till the last minute.

-Now,since all of us are old and mature(my cousins and I) don't count the decorative lights that are hung on people's house windows. I remembered how we used to count them and we were like, "Who counts the most/finds the most decorative lights wins!" Yea,so now we don't do that anymore.

-Also,now,we don't get all fussed up over the money that we've collected. Last time we used to "Hey,they gave us 10 bucks""She didn't gave us/me any money :(" And once we reached at our Aunt's house,which we usually means that's our last house visit,i remembered when we used to add up all our money and see who gets the most $$$. But now,it's completely different,instead of adding up all of money,we don't really care about how much we got and just lie down and Zzzzz.

So that's most of the things that I noticed about how our family celebrate Hari Raya. And since last year,I've never really care about how or what I was going to wear for the occasion(I wore last year's costume)...and I don't know why either.

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