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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I don't know why,but i sorta agree with this...In fact I totally agree!! We gotta take some let go of the fear and take some risks. But...don't go way beyond that :o
Life's hard,good,sucks etc. then we die.But,if you think it through,maybe its us
who makes it hard,in my case its definitely me! You just gotta know how to live it and have fun with the whoever you choose to be,or even if it means by yourself..then you'll just be fine.

10 tips for a happier life,

1. Make the most out of everyday.
Its never gonna come back again,right?

2. Don't hold grudges .
What's the point? Just breathe,take whatever or whoever as it is and MOVE ON ALREADY!

3. Don't worry.
This is a little bit hard if someone has is constantly doing this. Just tell yourself that everything is going to work out...eventually. No harm will be done.

4. Don't take your worries to bed with you.
Again,just go with the flow and... clear-your-mind(slow,dramatic voice)

5.Take one problem at a time.
Don't panic or rush,or your problem is gonna jumble up into one HUGE MAJOR issue,you don't want that to happen d'ya?

6. Don't let self frustration ruin and rule your life.
Anyone who has this thing in them just annoys me. You'll eventually get mad at people for no apparent reason and then people will start avoiding you and talk behind your backs.

7.Don't let your fears take control of you.
HIGHLY NOT ADVISABLE!! Trust me,you'll end up living under a rock,with your eyes and ears close,regretting all the wrongs or the things you haven't done. Just try and not have this thing going on in you.

8.Know where and when are your limitations and stop!
Yes,have all the fun you have,but don' get carried away. Your life will be very hard if you don't keep this tip in mind.

9.Be yourself.
Enjoy life in your own being your own beautiful-self.

10.Count your blessings,and smile!
Smile,even when its raining.

*Bonus tip,
Be thankful for what you have even the little things. Make a list of things that you are thankful of for that day,even the small ones.
E.g: Today,I am thankful that i got to drink my favourite strawberry milk.

Try and apply these tips,and hope hope for some changes. 'Cause i need to apply them for my personal being too :p

Oh yeah,did i mention i already clean my desk? Now,all that's need to be done are the shelves. I hate clearing the shelves!

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