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Thursday, September 3, 2009

I left my laptop 'on' the whole night yesterday. Crazy right? Yea,i know!
Well,i didn't really had a choice.
If I shut it down,i knew what's bound to happen. It'll take ages for the system to wake up!
And i had to get it working by 8am to complete my school online assignments;which some was due today. I still had some difficulty on completing the assignments,
because there was no way i could print my maths assignment,the rest was clear though. Relief? Nope,not...yet.
There's still tomorrow assignment,which i am considering on whether to 'off' the laptop.
Hmm...this time,maybe i should,if love it dearly,'cause i have this this feeling it'll blow if i didn't.
Now that,i am never gonna let it happen...ever!
On the other hand,i still need to figure out how am i suppose to print out the troublesome maths worksheets,when,
  1. I have no idea if the printer is still in good use;even though i rarely print get paper;s out of it.
  2. IF,its working,i don't know which cable is suppose to connect with which.
  3. I would never try to to accomplish this 'cause there's dozens and dozens of wire,and they all look like snakes or worms to me. Ugh! :( Now,that that I've mention it,i didn't realise that my room was filled with wires;well,not everywhere,just behind the study desk. Weird!! :o
So,now looking back at the situation,
decide what to do quick,because the maths assignments is due tomorrow.
And I've been asking myself,'why can't they just print them for us,instead of WE,
not able to print it and complete it and that will eventually lead us students, getting scolded by teachers!
I just don't get it!'
Oh and before i forget,i finally cleaned by my study desk;yesterday evening! It looks good :D
Now,all that's left is my shelves!

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