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Friday, September 11, 2009

Admit it,this is one of the coolest shows that hit your TV screen! Whenever this shows airs every Tuesday I'll be the one to take the front row sit in the living room. Among C.S.I NY,Las Vegas or any other C.S.I that is out there,this is,to me,the best. And why? 'Cause of Horatio Caine,that is. I mean, how much cooler can he get?! For those of you who watch this show,d'ya see how he handles every crime investigation,awesome right? :D

Another reason I love this show is possibly because this is the best detective shows i ever watch. Yeah i grew up loving to watch mystery/detective shows. I don't really remember when i start loving these genre though. Maybe it was because it was Mom who often chose mystery books for me whenever we were at the library,or maybe I just love it,just like that. I remember how i used to go to the library,or the bookstore and picked out like almost the entire stack of books that had anything to do with solving crime cases. Nancy Drew was one of them :D I even dream of becoming a detective myself! But I don't think i wanna be anymore,knowing that i don't really have what it takes to be one. *Sigh* Then i have these PC mystery games. Some are in my drawer and some I borrowed from the library,and honestly,so far i never did finish playing ANY of them. I never did solve the cases.Either i was stuck-and eventually i gave up-or i was just afraid going further onto the game.(Be lieve me,some of the games can be a little bit scarier than what you expect,with the sound effects and the graphics.)

Up to this age level,mystery/detective shows never bores me,well,most of them do not.
It just like how my Mom loves watching the cooking channel,Dad loves watching the news and football and how one of my cousins loves watching Korean drama series(*coughs*ahem, Nuraini *coughs* :p)

So yeah,i guess C.S.I Miami definitely a-must-watch- show for me,every week. There's just one tiny,little problem though,it airs on Tuesday nights,like 1hr before midnight and according to Mom I'm suppose to be sleeping at that time,so that i can wake on time for school the next day. Damn school!! D:

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