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Monday, August 31, 2009

Teacher's Day,but sadly,i didn't got the chance to thank some teacher's that i wanted to.
Anyhow,I'll do it sometime soon. I realised and notice today,
that my old friends had change,some were good,
some were just okay,and quite a number were the same.
I didn't got a chance to see my ex-form teacher nor the entire class.
But i didn't really mind.
To tell the truth, i had doubts about going back.
So much things have happened and i guess,
it just doesn't feel the same anymore,it wasn't like it before.
I'm used the situation that i am now,even though it gets tougher.
And so,in my current school,we had this performance put my teachers and students.
LOL! ILOVE it when teacher's act like they're not suppose to and when students imitate the
teachers actions.
It's just so much fun and gives me a good laugh.

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