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Friday, August 28, 2009

So,I have been siting at home doing nothing interesting while my laptop was
on fixing for like,1 week+++ It was SO long and my laptop kept on crashing till i had
gone to the service center for like 3-4 times. Ugh! Very troublesome.
And in order to for me to not feel bored and whine at home,i read a few books. Some of them
were nice;till i stayed up the entire night just so i can get to the ending quickly,while some were
not very exciting.
Well,now all the books have been read,and my laptop is fixed...i think.
Over the past couple of weeks everything was fine,and i now often feel very lazy to go to school.
So school has been alright,i guess.
My results for the previous test was average,i passed everything. Possibly because,when
my laptop was recovering,I've been studying a little bit at home. Well at least something good
came up.
And reflecting on my results,i definitely,want to,study a lot more on Maths,Science.
The rest I'll just pay attention and read through.
I really hope I'll survive through EOY!

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