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Sunday, August 30, 2009

One of the weeks when my laptop was on fixing,i was browsing through my shelves,and wow,
there was plenty of books! Then i came across my old diary.I started writing it last year and I didn't really finished writing on all the pages.
just that i stopped. I read through it,and then,i found myself reading through a series of very,very unfortunate events! I stopped writing on 28 November 2008. Well,actually the diary content some random stuffs that happened in school and at home. There was about my 1st time arriving late when i was sec1,how i boringly spent my 2008 June holidays,when my cousin and me went to school together,who i had a crush on and my unforgettable holiday trip in the Middle East. But i realised that even though i had plenty of regrets and upsetting events,I still have that tiny bit of good events. So that wasn't all that bad.
Now the diary is left alone on my desk,just like that,containing great,and not-so-great memories.
Did i mention that,
Now that is the worst!

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