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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pastel Shipwrecks

Wow. I'm back blogging after so many weeks.
I miss not getting touching with you all.
Alot things had been going
on the pass weeks. It was really boring actually.
Almost my entire day time was taken up by school activities and extra classes.
I spent the past week studying...and not studying.
It was quite intense and rush because we had to recall back
all the things that we've learnt throught the year,beginning till end.
I was worrying and panicking through the entire
exam period. I still am now through,a little bit.
I don't think I gave my best this time 'round. But its all over and
we're done for the this school year.
We're just waiting for the results and school holidays now.

Oh,since the exams were over I finally gotten the chance
to go to my favourite local bookstore again.
It's been a long time since I last went and it felt really good to be there again.
It just felt like home to me.
That's about it I think.
I just wanted to tell you all how happy I was when I was there.
I'll post another time. Now I'm going to catch up on your blogs.
I've missed out alot!


  1. :) Don't worry so much! But I hope you done well! If you didn't, just work harder next time.
    Ahhh I love bookstores.! ♥

    Glad you're back, love!


  2. Wonderful to have you back!!!
    Missed your pretty posts!

  3. Nice to see you!
    I know what you mean about bookstores!
    my home away from home. I alway feel relaxed when I walk in the door.
    Hope you did well on your exams!

  4. I am so glad you are back!!! I missed you!!!

  5. Glad to see you're back :]

  6. i've missed you something shocking dear.

  7. I missed you!
    I'm glad you are back. I hope all your tests went well.
    Yes, it's a good thing that you are not stopping. :)


  8. So pleased to have you back - I've missed you.

  9. i definitely have missed you.

    study hard, it'll pay off later.

  10. Hi Nabilah :) yeah, I moved to a different blog. BUT it's so great to see you're back to blogging, your blog is actually one of the few I truly enjoy. I'm going to re-subscribe to it via wordpress so you won't see me as a follower but I'll be getting updates anyway :)
    on a different note - I also have one bookstore where I feel like I'm at home. When I was in high-school I used to skip school sometimes and spend hours there reading books (and not buying them of course haha)

  11. you came back, dear! so happy to read you again ^__^ hope you get good results at your tests!

    good night!

  12. Words cannot explain how happy I am that you're back! I kept checking your blog every other day, hoping you've posted something... :P
    Phew, I hate studying. I don't mind the exams, but studying is the worst. Lucky that you've got it all over and done with now.


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