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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Think Quietly

“The world is full of things like that: old postcards, theatre programmes,
leafles about bomb-proofing your cellar, greetings cards, photograph albums,
holiday brochures, instruction booklets for machine tools, maps, catalogues,
railway timetables, menu cards from long-gone cruise liners - all kinds of things
that onced served a real and useful purpose, but have now become cut adrift from the things
and the people they relate to. ~ They might have come from anywhere.
They might have come from other worlds. That scribbled-on map,
that publisher’s catalogue - they might have been put down absent-mindedly in another universe,
and been blown by a chance wind through an open window,
to find themselves after many adventures on a market-stall in our world.”

-Phillip Pullman in the preface to Lyra’s Oxford


I've received back my exams results. Even though I'm quite unsatisfied at how some

of the grades turned out,I'm glad that I pass everything. Even Math and Physics.
I feel so relief and quite happy at the same time that all the hard work paid off.
I haven't been doing anything interesting recently and

I still have yet to clear my desk and arrange the books.
But I just began reading Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov and I must say,
that the writing is absolutely brilliant.
The holidays are approaching soon

and I'll pretend that school would never have to open again
and rest my soul for a thousand years.


  1. You deserve a break.
    I would love to rest my soul for a thousand years...


  2. take a break love.
    you deserve to chill.

    ps - well done on exams.

  3. Congrats on passing everything! Time to relax and take a breath...
    You are right, Lolita is an amazing book.

  4. I love Phillip Pullman. His Northern Lights trilogy just transported me to somewhere so much more than I could ever have imagined.

    Well done on passing your exams - that's fab!

    I was discussing Lolita with my friend the other day. I haven't read it yet and I would very much like to. Must order it when I get through the little pile of books currently waiting to be read!

    Kate x

  5. take a break and relax, you know do some things for yoursef, eat cakes and drink some tea (it helps!!)
    and never forget to love yourself!!!
    xxx love

  6. i'd sure to like to rest for a thousand years c:

  7. I love this picture, with the rain and black and white tones! love!

  8. congrats for the results! ^__^ so now it´s time you enjoy your holidays!

    i want to read that book too ;)

    oh, i´ve realized i´ve been coming to your lovely site for a long time and i´m not a follower yet! so, there i go! :D

    have a lovely week, dear!

  9. I love that book, Nabokov's writing is a work of art in itself. And yesss I remember those days after the report cards. Nothing was better than that feeling of "yesss its over!" even if it was lasting only a couple of months, weeks, or sometimes only days

  10. You've been working a lot this year, you definitely deserve a holiday. Sadly, I still have seven more weeks until mine. Holidays aren't long enough these days. All we seem to be doing is school work, bleugh.

  11. You deserve a nice long break (:

  12. I'm glad you passed! :)
    Holidays are never long enough.
    All my love, dear.


  13. well done on passing.
    you did a lot better than some people :)

    lolita is so beautiful.

    love, love.

  14. What a brilliant really shows how time changes.
    Good job on your exams! See, the hard work did pay off. :)



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