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Monday, May 3, 2010

Hairpins & Clips

I remember when I was little I love buying these.
Then Mom will get annoyed with me because I took hours to choose which one I wanted.
Back then,that was my hobby,hair pin collecting!
I'm not sure if I still have them or not,I think some of them are missing.
Misplace or something.
I still buy these pins and clips now,but I'd only buy those that are the colour black,
and its because our school only allows black/dark blue hairbands and hair clips.
Ha,I think that's a pretty dumb school rule.
My exams are still going on and it only ends at the end of this week.
I'm not that worried actually.
Most of the important papers I've already sat for.
Like Math & Physics.
Glad that was over last week!
I have a feeling that this week is going to a good one and I'm gonna like it
(providing that the questions on my test papers aren't too difficult for me) I mean,what's not to like,
all I have to do is come school,sit for the papers (at most 1 hour),and then go home (:
So anyway,enough about me, what about you? I hope everyone is doing great!


  1. I LOVEEEE hair clips!!! That's such a crap school rule though!

    Good luck on the rest of your school exams, have a fab week.

  2. You're so lovely! Do you still have Hello Kitty clips? TOTALLY wear them! They're so girly and lovely. If you haven't already, definitely enter my giveaway. And hope this week goes quickly for you!


  3. haha, agreed.
    love em, love em, love em.
    i never wear them, though :(

  4. That's good that most of the hard stuff is over!
    Aw cute little clips! :)
    Today's been awesome(considering it's Monday), lunch was epic!

  5. haha when I was a little girl I HATED hairpins & clips. I liked buying them but couldn't stand wearing them for some reason :) And this is really weird restriction for school, I haven't heard about anything like this. hah

  6. I love hairclips, they are soo cute!
    I love wearing the hairbands with the big bows on them, i think they are so cool!
    Good luck in the rest of your exams.

  7. I think everyone loves hair clips and hair-bands, and there are some really cute ones here!
    I just love them and, yeah, we had the same rule too!
    Have a great week!

  8. I have my Math final next far I am passing. I always buy my daughters hair clips, but they don't like wearing them.

  9. Can't wait for my afro to get a little longer so I can rock clips! yo your birthday is comin up...I shall get u something :D

  10. I always wear a head band or hair tie! I love hair accessories!


  11. Thank you for your comment! :)

    Wow! That is probably the stupidest school rule I have ever heard, haha! Hairclips are so fun!

  12. naw, so cute!
    stupid school! :(

    xx scarzz

  13. I love collecting them.
    But I vary rarely wear them :(
    Very cute.

  14. My hairclips keep on disapearing! It's oh so annoying.
    I want some colorful clips like the ones in the photo.

    xx Blaize

  15. I was obsessed with hair pins too! Now I'm obsessed with bows and tights.

  16. Quite a collection, I love the hello Kitty slide. As a girl I was forever loosing my clips. I had quite a collection of Alice bands though, funny how they have come back into fashion.

  17. There is an award for you on my blog girlie!

  18. Love these! I still have a bunch of hair clips. Mainly with flowers or feathers. I hope exams go well for you!


    p.s. I responded to your tag today! Take a peak if you'd like!

  19. Cute hair clips! One of my friends ADORES Hello Kitty, she would die for these! Anyway, I popped over from It's Simple Love, glad to find your blog, am definitely following! Have a lovely day! Oh, and maybe you should bend the rules a little bit at your school with a tortoiseshell clip!

  20. Cute clips dear,(:


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