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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Madeline and Some Other Random Stuff

I want to thank everyone who posted sweet comment on my previous. Words make a big impact on me so reading those encouraging comments made me feel better.
And thank you to Alice in Wonderland,Christiejolu and Random Rawr for passing me awards!

(I'll post them soon!)

I decided not to post something depressing today and post something else.

In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines
Lived twelve little girls in two straight lines
In two straight lines they broke their bread
And brushed their teeth and went to bed.
They left the house at half past nine
In two straight lines in rain or shine-
The smallest one was Madeline.

My Mom and I use to watch this show with every morning when I was little.
But then,
she got busy
and I got so caught up with this and that.
We stopped watching and I almost forgot the show existed.
Untill today,when I saw its commercial while I was channel surfing.


These may look like celebratory fireworks,
but it’s actually the Nazi Germans bombing Moscow in 1941.

Taken during the 1989 protests at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. The unknown man, who later became known as the Tank Man, who stood in front of a column of Chinese Type 59 tanks.

The man placed himself in the middle of the street directly in the path of the tanks. He motioned to the tanks with the shopping bags he had on him. In response, the tank tried to drive around him, but the man moved into their path yet again. When the tanks finally stopped, the man climbed on top of one and apparently talked to the driver for a few minutes. After he climbed off, the tanks got ready to move again, but the man jumped in front of the armored vehicles yet again. Finally, the police pulled him away and he disappeared into the crowd. The tanks continued on.

It is most likely that the man was executed shortly after this occurred, as no one ever found out who he was or saw him again. Yet he, along with this photo, is considered one of the biggest symbols of non-violent action and protesting in the world.

1994 Pulitzer Prize winning photo by Kevin Carter.

In March 1993 Carter made a trip to southern Sudan. The sound of soft, high-pitched whimpering near the village of Ayod attracted Carter to an emaciated Sudanese toddler. The girl had stopped to rest while struggling to a feeding center. A vulture landed nearby and it was waiting for the girl to die.. He said that he waited about 20 minutes, hoping that the vulture would spread its wings. It didn’t. Carter took the photograph and chased the vulture away. They were instructed not to help or to touch the starving people because of disease.

Kevin Carter killed himself next year. Apparently he was so haunted by what he had seen in Sudan, and felt guilty for not helping, that he couldn’t go on anymore.


(LOL.the leaf is suppose to move -_-)


  1. Arrrrrrrrrrgh its pedobear!! O.O

  2. Your welcome! I just want you to be happy. I have to say you made coffee come out of my nose with that picture of the cartoons at a party...Timmy Turner and Sponge bob all baked on the couch...holy crap that was funny.

  3. I like the lady gaga and Patrick picture a lot. Very funny.
    Some of these were very sad.
    I thank God for my life.


  4. i loved that movie!
    really really loved it.
    i want to watch it now :)

  5. 5 STARS!!!!

    Everything is perfect in this post!!

    I'm looking at my Two Spongebob's on my Puter, and they don't look as HAPPY as Yours -LOL!!!!

    Have a great Weekend!

  6. I can't believe I forgotten the Madeline show until I read this. When I was little it was my favorite thing to watch. Lol, Lady Gaga and Patrick. =) -Hannah

  7. How did the dinosaurs die? Everyone knows it was because they became constipated and couldn't go 'poop'- My grandad always told me this as a child - funny the things we'll believe.

  8. i gave you an award.

  9. oh, I love Madeline! I totally grew up reading that. It's such a cute story.


  10. I loved reading this post!

    The pictures are very moving, as are the stories they tell.
    The random pictures are hilarious.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I watched madeline like once... I was more of a Blue's Clues gal :D Steve is hot! Well, of course, that's not why I watched it... >.> hehe

    Didja know, Steve Burns is now an indie singer? yes, fo sho. he grew up (:

    LOL @ random pictures.

    I think TankMan is the best thing since sliced bread. Great post!

    Thanks for visiting! Love!

  12. I am like, really in love with this post.
    I learned about the Tank Man last year in social studies class. The teacher said they probably killed him. The picture of the girl and the vulture is so sad. And of the guy killing himself.
    I love Madeline the movie. :) It's aweosme.
    I love the picture of all of the characters doing weed and stuff.

  13. how sad about the photographer Kevin! Oh that's awful. I have seen that photo and didn't know the story behind it. When I saw that picture I was wondering how that photographer wouldn't help that child... now I know.



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