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Friday, May 28, 2010

Cities,Papers,Smiles & Crowns

I've really got nothing to update about except that my summer has officially start. (Yay!) And that I've gotten back my report card and unfortunately I'm not really satisfy with the way it turned out. I failed Math. Only. In spite of that,the report still does not look good and satisfying. It's not bad,its not very good,its just average and there's really nothing to "Wow!" about. I was kinda hoping for something different this time,but no.
Mom and Dad didn't say anything. I guess they're okay with me failing only one subject.
I need to try harder for the coming exam.

Oh,and since I love poetry so much,here,I'll leave you with one.
Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Tonight you’re thinking of cities under crowns
of snow and I stare at you like I’m looking through a window,
counting birds.
You wanted happiness, I can’t blame you for that,
and maybe a mouth sounds idiotic when it blathers on about joy
but tell me
you love this, tell me you’re not miserable.

Richard Siken


  1. sorry about the maths mark... I´m not good at maths either, actually i hate them... :P

    beautiful poem ^^


  2. Oh, I cannot wait for my term break to come :)
    I hope you have a lovely time!
    I love Richard Siken, thankyou!

  3. Lovely poem. <3

    I despise math. I'm not sure I ever passed it.. besides who needs math when you have such a natural talent and passion for photography? ;)

  4. i love your blog <3 and that poem!
    but not math. i hate math.

  5. Lovely poem,
    I'm so jealous you already have holidays, my exams start in 2 weeks!
    O, and who needs maths anyway? :)

  6. i hate maths.
    it is not my forte. at all.

  7. my maths teacher doesnt even want me to exist in his class anymore im doing that bad. =/
    Anyway have lovely hoildays, filled with amazing things.


  8. Aw, maths always ruins everything. :(
    Beautiful poem & have a great weekend!

  9. Never any good at maths. All we can ever do is our best.

  10. I hate Math! I failed too the first time I took it!

    Enjoy your summer...

  11. I'm sorry about your math.
    Beautiful poem.


  12. i miss summer :(


  13. I like to keep in mind that maths is VERY UNIMPORTANT. Like, when will we ever use algebra when we finish school? It's so pointless and stupid. Seriously, I think you'd be better off learning PE than maths.

    xx Blaize.


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