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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You're Loved & Tagged!

10 Things you desire
2.a horse,although I'm not allowed to
3.a camera,I'll get a chance to post some pictures at least.

4.sit and talk to someone about anything. its been a long time since i did.
5.know how to play a musical instrument.
6.i want to meet various authors.
7.get an A or at least a B for Math
8.attend to a ballroom dance

9.not feel awkward in crowds
10.get my house done its makeover!

9.Musicians/bands you love:

1.Taylor Swift
2.Carrie Underwood
3.Erin Mccarley

4.Lady Gaga
5.Lady Antebellum
6.Colbie Caillat

7.The Corrs
8.Holly Brook
9.Laura Jansen

8 Things you do everyday:
2.People watch
3.Joke around with my cousin Alisha
4.Tumbling and Blogging
5.Feel panicky and worry for no particular reason at all.
6.wish that I were...

7.Get lonely
8.Not go to sleep when I should

7 Things you enjoy:
1.reading, libraries, ALL books
2.Waffles with honey and smoothies! YUM :)

4.Watching C.S.I Miami

5.Finding a new artist/song that none of my friends ever heard of
6. Buying notebooks,diaries,bags,and purses and accessories
7.Reading beautiful writing piece

6 Things that will always win your heart:
1.Flowers,any type!
2.Boys with soft ,great hair
3.People who are charming and nice
4.Words. always words. people that write/speak beautiful,nice words
6.Vintage photos

5 Favourites:
1.Movie: I don’t think my favourite film has been made yet. I have dreams about it all the time.
I like any song that has a beautiful meaning to it
3.Book: i have many favourites,its so hard to choose. Sorry!
4.Band: I don't have one to be honest..!
5.Colour: Pink and Black.

4 Smells you enjoy:
1.sweet popcorn
2.old books
3.white roses and rain

3 Places you want to go:
1.Egypt to see river Nile
3.The Moon,Neverland,Castles...and so many other beautiful places!

2 Animals you love:
1.Horse. I've adored them evers since I was little. Maybe I'll build up a stable one day. Maybe..
2.Owls. Those mysterious creatures are beautiful.

1 Person you’d marry on the spot:
1.I'm not sure,they're many attractive,handsome men out there. Question is whether would he want me?

Thank you to:
Random Rawr (
Alice In wonderland (
Christiejolu (
Dandalily (
P.s. I am me(

and to everyone who I forgot to mention and also to those who comment on my posts!

Like I promised,I'd do the tag by this week. And I'm sorry if its different from the ones you've tagged me,since I've missed out on some them,I decided to come up with a new one. I hope you don't mind! And this goes out to everyone!!


  1. You should get into ballroom dance. It is soooo much fun!
    I loved it. I wish I could still dance!

  2. This one looks fun! Thaks girl! I love finding music no one ever heard befor to!

    When you meet the right guy HE will be the lucky one!!!! Don't you forget that!

  3. Almost forgot I came here to tell you I gave you an award I hope you don't have yet...

  4. I love your lists.
    You are lovely.
    I think I daydream, and People watch everyday too.


  5. hey. you're cool. just wanted to tell you that. :]

  6. love the list! i wanna do something like that :D


  7. Very cool tag!
    Here's an award for you:

    Just comment and tell me that you know you've recieved it. :)

  8. I'm taking this!
    And you have an award on my blog!

  9. A great tagging - Its amazing the things we find out.


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