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Friday, July 30, 2010

Castle for the Dream

I'm in a castle
standing in a tower,
looking down through a window
at the beautiful garden,
the sun setting in the distance.

The beauty in the moment
brings tears to my eyes.

Sky blue pink,
the backdrop for
roses in ever color
blooming in the garden.

— Lisa Schroeder (Chasing Brooklyn)


Its been about a week since I last updated. I am so sorry.

The reason I left my blog for a bit is because I had a really
busy week.My exams just started today. (English and Chemistry.)

So the pass couple of days I was busy with school work and such.
I got so caught up with school work that I didn't realise I was worrying again.

And it got so bad that i tired myself,my throat began to hurt,my body ached
and I fall ill the day before the first two papers (yesterday)
But thank god I felt better this morning.

The two papers today was alright and I hope for the very best that the result will turn out good
My exams only ends next Thursday so I'm going to leave this space for awhile.Till then.

I wish you all well. love.


  1. :) I love that poem.
    Good luck on your exams.


  2. keeping yourself busy can be a good thing (beacuse it stops ppl from thinking too much) but also it can end up the way it did for you. But I'm sure the results of these two exams you had are going to be good

  3. Best wishes and tons of love sent to you too!

  4. I can completely relate; having just had to take a blogging break myself due to pressure from school. And chemistry - the absolute bane of my life. I hope your exams and your studies go well, I'm sure you'll do great :)

  5. wishing you luck.
    hope they go ok.

  6. i wish i can visit some of those beautiful castles someday...♥

    very good luck with your exams!!

    lots of love!

  7. You always have the loveliest quotes I swear, I just don't know how you find these. You can fill a book with them all.

  8. It's alright if you don't post often now; exams are way more important. Wishing you the best of luck! You'll rock those papers.

    xx Blaize.

  9. lovely poem :)

    i hope your exams go well.


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