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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pretty Things

Sunlight sounds like a symphony I’ve yet to hear
without teary eyes, or a feeling similar to that of anticipation
of disappearing entirely
I used to say that it were better that I’d not speak
unless spoken to, but now I’m not so sure
today I thought I’d lost my voice
as I waited for you to pick up the phone
six rings and I hung up
you won’t call back
I watched the world wake up while everyone else slept
and the light bled through the fog, the color of chrysanthemums
all i wanted was to know that I could sleep again, tire again
because my heart’s been beating for so long and the sound
it’s beginning to define who I am quite simply
in place
more related to a string of pearls, a porcelain key
than all the creeps and grows on earth
wild and tangled
awake and asleep, always singing with the passing of hours
I’d rather be put on mute.

-Virginia Woolf


  1. Oh dear that was all a bit depressing or was it just me?

  2. that was beautiful.
    xoxo, Melissa

  3. and that last line - I'd rather be put on a mute - was what made this whole poem so thrilling....!

  4. Very beautiful!
    Have a great day, Nabilah.


  5. Beautiful poem, I could feel Woolf's heartfelt emotion and wrenching anxiety suffused into every wonderful word. Thank you for sharing :)

  6. tres beau mon jolie amie :)
    paahha havent a clue if that's right or not but you get the gist of what i meant :) xxx

  7. i like your blog. =) please check out mine and follow if you wish:

  8. That is so beautiful! I'm going to Google some more of Virginia Woolf's works :)


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