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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PaperDolls and Crumpled Sheets

"I will tell you what Jeanne was like. She was like a piano in a country where everyone has had their hands cut off."
— Angela Carter

Question: We have family and friends who loves and cares for us,but when stuff happens,

really serious stuff happens,you just feel so alone and you cannot tell people.
They'll probably listen,but they don't know everything. There's just some stuff that you can't share.
So what do you do then?


  1. Oh I LOVE those first two photos! :)
    I don't should confide in someone though.

  2. I felt that way at one point and actually got a therapist to talk to. I needed some one who doesn't know ANYTHING about me and I could just pour it out...therapists aren't for everyone but maybe someone who is not connected.(but not a stranger) I hope I have helped more than confused. Much love!

  3. That is when I turn to my blog friends...Anything we can do to help???

    Love the tea cup pic...

  4. first of all: OH MY GOD - you've got a photo of a Polish edition of 'the bell jar' there and it's the same exact edition that I read (when I read this book for the first time). Okay, the end of my rant.

    Now, your question: it's true, other people can't 100% help, sometimes they're not able to understand fully, sometimes they can't be bothered (I found out the hard way that people don't like having to deal with other's problems. Especially mine). So what can you do? There's a bunch of things that can help: writing about it. It doesn't have to be in blog, it can be a "normal" diary, just something to get things off your chest and somehow clarify thoughts. Other thing can be, like someone mentioned, talking to a therapist (but as far as therapy goes, it MUST last some time to bring effects). Also, you can talk to a complete stranger about it via email (like we all here, like me for example) because strangers have no prejudices you know. I can't really come up with anything else :(

  5. I agree with Misery, in those moments it´s good to write your thoughts (sometimes even draw them, as i do), or just tell someone, even if you don´t know that person, because if you keep it inside yourself, it will hurt you

    lots of love♥


  6. your blog has such a beautiful moood...if that makes sense ;)

  7. Always someone out there you can share with. If not I write it on a piece of paper and then burn it. Another beautiful post, those pictures were glorious, especially the billowing curtains.

  8. I love the photos.
    I always write how I feel in my diary. It just makes me feel better.


  9. Ooh Sylvia Plath :]

  10. Beautiful photos. All so gorgeous.

  11. I feel that way almost 24/7. I don't know what to do either. I just keep my feelings to myself, put on a fake smile and pretend I'm fine. I've tried writing it down, but that's too hard. I usually just pray to God when ever I'm feeling depressed.

  12. there is always, some stuff, you just can't share.

    i just sleep.
    sleeping for me seems to fix everything.

    wonderful pictures.


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