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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Picnics & Tea Parties

The weather looks nice today,and I thought how wonderful it'd be if we do a picnic or tea party.
Just thinking about it sounds comforting and relaxing. We'll invite close friends and the birds,bunnies and faeries.
We could sit on cool damp grass,have tea,read books,admire pretty nature and eat colourful berries.
We could watch the clouds and daydream all we want without no one to interrupt us
and we'd stay out till the evening and watch the sunset.

I think that'll be nice,we often dine at fine restaurants,bars and cafes,

why not do something different this time.


  1. sounds great!♥

    the photos are lovely

    have a wonderful sunday!!


  2. I also love picnics and would gladly invite you to join me. Thanks for a wonderful post.

  3. that sounds like a great way to spend a nice afternoon... I'm ready!

  4. Sounds lovely.
    I love your new layout. The color is beautiful.
    Have a great weekend.


  5. Hey like the new Template!

    A couple of months ago I asked my little girl what she wanted to do...She will be in kindergarten soon so I wanted to do something special...She wanted a picnic...So that is what we did...We sat and ate and talked about 5 year old issues and fed the birds...Sometimes the best days are made up of the most simple things...

  6. Yes, do that; have a tea party! And bring some of your stuffed toys and dolls as well :P
    I love the new background colour!

    xx Blaize.

  7. Sounds great...except I hate tea. Haha. :)

  8. :) beautiful post! picnics are the best!!!



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