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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm A Mess

I've had quite a few technical trouble going on today. Really annoying.

-My phone is being stubborn. It refuses to turn on.
-I think I misplaced my USB camera wire,I have no idea where I place it the last time.
Dad will be so disappointed if he finds out. I guess I'll have to get a new one secretly.
-I'm having a hard time finding my laptop's "bluetooth" button and I feel so stupid about this.
I normally use a USB wire, to connect a device to my laptop. But since some of my USB wires are nowhere to be found,I'm forced to use "bluetooth". (Why is it called a bluetooth anyway?)

I need to start being more organise and make a plan for everything. Hopefully soon. My room is terribly messy right now.

Reason being,

I'm lazy. I'm too lazy to tidy up things. In fact,I'm feel lazy about everything.

Like yesterday,
I was supposed to return back to school and hand in my Art file for marking. So it was like,just come to school in full uniform attire,hand the file to the teacher and go home. But because of my laziness,I asked my Dad to drop it off for me instead because he usually passes by that area when he drives to work.
The worst thing was,I didn't complete the assignment that was given.
I can guess how my grade would turn out; A big red C-

See how lazy and a slob I can be. The only time when I'm not feeling lazy is when I feel like I REALLY want and need to do something. And often when that time comes,I'd put really hard effort and heart into it.

Another thing is,I lost my self-control. Again.

I had TWO rounds of dinner two night! Mom cooked my favourite dish(and possibly her best dish yet)tonight. I couldn't help myself so I went for a another round,Mom tried to stop me but Dad said to go ahead. And apparently I listened to Dad.


Maybe I should skip breakfast tomorrow.


  1. Don't worry, your not the only one who has lost all self control, I have too, but it will be ok, we'll get it back :)
    And, besides, everyone has days were they just couldn't be bothered. xo

  2. i have the same opinion like helen!

    thanks for your cute comment.

    i am a happy follower of your blog now.
    i invite you to follow mine also!

    hugs and kisses.

  3. Things like this always happen to me (I lose like 5 things), and then everything just solves itself. So don't worry, you'll find everything. :)

  4. omg, I HATE having any kind of technical problems with my laptop because whenever I don't know how to do sth I feel SO unbelievably embarrassed to ask for help. So I never do and I don't solve my problems. :) I'm surprised my laptop is still working :)

  5. I used to lose things, and buy them secretly before my dad found out!..haha.
    You are so lucky. I can't remember the last time I had a good dinner.

    I hope you find everything you lost.:)


  6. Don't worry, I don't even know how to use the bluetooth on my laptop. Hehe. ; )

  7. haha i love your writing style. :)

  8. woah. channeling some positive vibes your way. i know the feeling about selfcontrol and technology difficulties. i broke my laptop midway through my final year project dissertation. not good.

    xx fi

  9. We ALL lose self-control. And I totally feel you on how it's hard to do something unless you really want to. I'm unsure as to what I want to do with my life, and so I'm struggling to complete my current degree. You can only look towards the future


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