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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sincerely Me

Dear To Whoever who May be Reading This,

I wish I live in the town area so I'd could tell you that the streets will be fill with cars,buses,trucks and traffic will be a huge deal to everyone and I'll have a good excuse about arriving late for school. I'd laughed at the faces of annoyed drivers and I'd curse the damn red light.

I wish I live in the town area so I'd could tell you that I could hear the music playing from the little stores just below my apartment. And why I don't really mind if my Mom grounded me because I could just look out of the my bedroom window and enjoy hearing the buskers playing catchy tunes as I people's everyday life.

I wish I live in the town area so I'd could tell you that if one day I happen to feel bored,I could just take a short trip to Forever 21 instead of the library,then I'd go on and say that my grades are slipping because I spent way too much time on shopping and watching too much movies.

I wish I live in the town are so I'd could tell you about all the random people I see in stores and restaurants. How some people seem oblivious to their surroundings and were talking and laughing uncontrollably. Couples making out. Girls going in and out of the fitting room having a hard time deciding which outfit suits them best. Little kids crying over the smallest things. Husband and wife arguing in the middle street attracting a bigger crowd than those buskers. I'd see boys hitting on girls and girls hitting on boys. Then I'd say I hear a group of college kids singing "Happy Birthday" at a somewhat fancy restaurant. And I'd also tell you that everywhere I'd turn,everyplace I'd go to. The stores,restaurants,restrooms etc. I see a familiar flash of light and the sound of a camera's shutter going off. People were taking pictures of themselves and whatever. And I'd tell you how I couldn't help but shook my head and smile to myself thinking,"I'm guessing it'll be on their Facebook the next day."

I wish I live in the town area so I'd could tell you how beautiful the decorative lights are at night and how they shine as beautiful as the stars and the moonlight and how sometimes the rain makes everything look a million times better.

I wish I live in the town area so I'd could come up with a much better,interesting post for you, than this.


  1. I really wish I lived by someone as cool as you.
    I love this post, very interesting.


  2. Haha well you might as well live in town because you just told us all about it didn't you? :)
    This was quite amusing.

  3. Your posts ARE interesing no matter where you live. And as far as cities are concerned - I wish I lived in London. Or Tokyo (aah, Gackt...hahah). Or even NYC. But London seems like the most realistic wish.

  4. Lovely post :) I wish I lived in a city where I could get lost in the streets and walk down a busy road looking important.

    This post wasn't boring at all!!!



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