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Friday, March 5, 2010

I Pity You Really,but Seeing You Suffering Over There is Just too Hilarious not to Laugh

Its Friday! Like finally. I've been really busy with school and shit. I just realised that I've got a few writing mistakes in my previous post. I apologised. I posted it at night and was in a hurry,because my parents were forcing me to sleep. (How embrassing,I'm fifteen and I still have a bedtime!!)

Wednesday,4March 2010.

Wednesday was probably the most interesting day of this week in my opinion. I loved this week's Wednesday. There was a mini drama in class. A fight went on. I like when these things happened it,waste our lesson time and it just seemed so interesting somehow. I wish things like these would happened alot more often.

There's this guy in our class. He's a foreigner. He's really good in almost all of this subjects,except for English. He insists on sitting alone. The problem about him is that,he cannot adapt himself to the class,and to the school. Another thing is,he has this "thing" about people touching. He doesn't want anyone to touch him,whenever someone does, he'll flinched and brush off that particular spot,as if there were germs left on that spot.

Because of his behaviour,and seeing the way he reacts to certain things,my class of 34 students loves to disturb him. Everyone enjoys seeing him getting picked on by certain people in our class.
And on Wednesday,he flared up and got into a fight with one my classmate,Marvin,during Chemistry. It was because of stupid chair. I won't mention who started it first,'cause then it'll be unfair to both of them. I blame the chair honestly.
Chemistry teacher managed to stop it on time before things got overboard of course.

But during that 5 minutes of provoking and fighting,everyone was enjoying the scene. Including me. I just sat,watched and laughed along with the whole class. I knew it was wrong,but I continued to laughed,it was as though I was watching some kind of epic comedy-drama on TV.
And I went I got home and reflect on what had happened on that day,I thought that I loved and enjoyed seeing other people's suffering. It was funny,it was entertaining. I didn't even know why I liked it. If I were to put myself in his shoes,I'd know how awful and terrible that experience was. But the thing is,I'm not,I'm watching my classmates making stupid jokes and trying to annoy him,and I treat it as entertainment and think its funny. I guess I'm mean person.


  1. Hahahaha, it made me laugh when you said "I'm fifteen and still have a bed time." I had a bed time all throughout high school :P Now, I'm 19 and in my second year of university and my parents always tell me to go to sleep before midnight when I'm at home. I can't really "fall asleep on command" so I just turn off my light.

  2. Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog the other day :) I don't think it means you're a mean person--I think we've all done this in our lives and it's easy to get carried away when everyone else is doing something. I think the fact that you went home and reflected on this and didn't like what you'd done shows that you really are a person who cares about other people.

  3. Hahaha! I used to love watching people fight in high school. I wasn't happy that they were fighting, but something inside me enjoyed it a lot..

  4. Wow, this guy seems like a real outcast. I have this friend, who never liked to be touched, really, she was avoiding any physical contact. She was also stalking one actor who worked in the theatre in our city! Ha, I just had to write it. :)

    As for watching the fight - I THINK that maybe it was because of the scenery, of the whole situation. If you witnessed a fight that would seem more "serious", like on the street or sth, you wouldn't enjoy it for sure. But things that happen in classrooms are usually not seen as serious stuff. that's what I think.


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