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Thursday, March 4, 2010

You're Too Pretty,I'm Jealous. So What? I Can't Help It,I'm Only Human + I'm So Messed Up

"True beauty comes from within" I know that. I think everyone knows that. But then,everyone forgets and just don't give a damn.

I saw this girl yesterday one the train. About my age,maybe a year older? She was pretty. She had straight hair,I couldn't really tell if it was natural or not. But whatever. She was really pretty,and the way she carrys her bag,the way she holds her purse in hand,was so perfect. She seemed so together. I looked at her every now and then asking myself "How does she do it?". She saw me looking. It was so awkward.

I hate those whispers in hallways. The one that goes "Which one of them do you think is prettier?" "You know,I think she's prettier than her" "Duh,she's prettier,the other one is ugly." I hate these stupid questions. I admit,I was the type that often ask things. I'm so over it . It just sounds stupid. I can't believe people have all the time in the world to compare. Now,I realise you're just trying to bring the other person down by saying these stuffs. Trust me,I was a victim once. And the feeling that you get when you hear those comments are far too hurtful than you can even imagine.


  1. Once, in front of a boy I like, my 'friend' asked him who he thought prettier, her or me.

    He replied.

    He thought she was prettier.

    I asked her about it after, asked her why, why she would do that, and she said:

    I didn't think it would bother you that he would find me prettier.


    I do not know what you look like, but I know this: you write wonderfully, and are kind and caring. I do not care what you look like, because I already know you are a lovely person.

    I no longer speak to the girl who was 'prettier' than me, according to this boy. I value your words much more than I would ever value hers.



  2. No one is flawless. I'm sure that girl has had issues before, has issues now, or will sometime in the future.
    I mean, she may be self-conscious and think she's ugly. She may be thinking to herself, "I hope no one thinks I'm ugly. I hope everyone likes me."

  3. I agree. Imagine how hard it was for me and Kenny in high school. People used to compare us. "Oh, she is the prettier twin".."No, what are you talking about, this one is prettier".
    No matter who they said was prettier, I was still angry that they found pleasure in comparing us.

    Everyone is pretty. I wish people would understand that.

  4. I am pretty sure that is your pic by the Facebook, and you are a beautiful girl, you are so right people do that when they feel threatened by you. I know this because I have a friend who does this still. And we are adults. She is drop dead gorgeous, kind of looks like Kendra from Girls Next Door (Just not as stupid) and if she feels threatened at all by another female she will do something or say something to knock them down. It drives me mad!

  5. Thing is, you are probably much prettier. Because you are not a robot, a well put togheter perfect thing - you're human and that's way more attractive than all those pretty-model-kind-of-girls. I promise.

  6. It is only natural that we aim for perfection though no one is really perfect. But if you should, aim it for yourself and not for anyone; not for those people who murmur and talk about you.

  7. True beauty comes within - I think that even though this IS true, no one really remembers about it. I mean, we are sort of DESIGNED this way, to notice other ppl looks and even when we don't want to, we ARE judging others by their looks. And I know how you feel. I often stare at beautiful ppl. And I always feel jealous. There's this confidence that they have, this is so natural for them, this is sth I'd wish I had...

    ...and I don't have. I remember that when I was 15, one day at school I was standing in the hallway with a group of friends and our German teacher (who tried to be our "friend") and, all of sudden - she asked this boy from my class whether he thinks I am pretty! I was shocked. She did this, like, for NO reason. And, of course, in front of everyone, he grimaced and said that - "no, not really". Which is why I don't think I will ever have any confidence.

    Now, I know this is ONE LONG COMMENT, but I just had to write it. Because your blog makes me think about so many things, haha :)


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