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Friday, March 12, 2010

Not Lonely,but just Independent

Spring is approching,but unfortunely,there isn't much to expect here in Singapore. I don't see flowers blooming on trees or along the sidewalks. The whether now is extremely warm and I think I'm coming down with a flu soon due to the lack of sleep and plain water. I've had symptoms.

It a Friday today,and the thing that's so special about this Friday is that I've got a one week holiday break till next Sunday. There isn't any special occasion going on or anything like that. The holiday is to give the students a chance to self-study and catch up on some stuffs that they're weak at. I still haven't plan on what I'm going do for this one week break. But one thing for sure,I'm gonna spend much time on blogging. I have tags that I have not post,and I'll be sure to take some time to comment on your blogs. Plus,I'm gonna try to catch up on some TV. Its been ages seen I really sat on the couch and watch some good shows.

Thursday,11 March (Yesterday)

After school I will usually eat at the Primary school,the building next to my Secondary School. And this is because during my break in between classes I don't eat,the queue is always long. So by the time my last class ends,I'll already feel extremely hungry and I just can't wait anymore,I can't hold my hunger much longer. So I'll head on to the Primary school to have my lunch. I can't eat at my school because the food is already finish by then.

That's my usual routine. The last class-Eat-Go home. And I always go solo. My friends,they seldom accompanied me due to whatever reason.

I was purchasing my food yesterday when the lunch lady suddenly decided to make a small talk with me.

"You're often here alone,why,where are your friends?"

I was a little surprised. I didn't thought anyone would even notice who I was with.
But then I quickly responded,saying my friends had something going on in school therefore they couldn't be with me and that and all those bullshit excuses. She replied me with just a simple

I thought about it for awhile then. Why,was I alone? Was because my friends were didn't want to hang around me? Was it because I had done something to offend them? Or was it because I didn't really know how to communicate with people thus making me and extra whenever I'm in with the crowd? Whatever it was I didn't want to know,because I know that it'll only make be feel low,really low.

To be honest,I don't really mind going solo. I have friends,who I normally talk to everyday but they seldom hang around with me. And I'm perfectly okay with that. It can be weird at first but I'm use to being alone. Does this make me sound lonely? I'm use to it,probably because I'm an only child. If Mom and Dad are out,which they often are on weekends,it'll be just me,the four walls and the silence in the house. And on the bright side,seeing that I'm not involved with all these problems,dramas and shit,my grades are improving,and y'all know I don't do revision. XD


  1. Sometimes it's better to spend some time alone, I guess. I mean, there are ppl who cannot face even a minute alone, they need a company everywhere (there were these two girls in my class in high school who would go together even to toilet. I mean they would always share toilet, even if there were, like 5 other epmty. whatever, haha). I sometimes like to hang out alone, too, but on the other days it bothers me A LOT. I don't know...

    And as for spring - haha, do not complain. In my country it's full-blown winter. It's freezing, it's snowing, and it is terrible :)

  2. I used to love to be alone. I made it a point to be alone all the time. Then I had children. I am almost never alone now. When they go somewhere I am happy for like the first 10 minutes. Then I realize I am no longer used to being alone.

    Spring is on the way here too! It will be in the 80's next week.

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Same here. I'm used to being alone, and I don't mind it. :/

  4. I'm used to being alone as well. I'm not sure why, but it often ends up that way.


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