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Monday, March 8, 2010

Let's Do This Together

Hey you,who's

had a bad day,feeling alone, is crying your heart out, is battling suicide, is dying to have someone to talk to, is nursing a broken heart, is sick of broken promises, doesn’t want to hurt anymore, keeps trying and failing, is tired of disappointment,sick of constant bullshit, wants to give up, wishes someone cares, wants to be loved, is afraid, wants to make a difference,is confused and lost,wants a hug...

Somebody out there thought of you tonight,somebody going through the same thing,somebody who's willing to reach out to you

Hey you, keep your faith, somebody cares.
Somebody’s me.


  1. That is nice! I hope this isn't an invitation from someone you know and just an open invitation. Hang in there kiddo! Things really do get better!

  2. Yes, one day you will look back on all of the bullshit that is now and leave it behind, because one day soon you will be truly happy.

  3. I love this, thank you :)

  4. WOW, that's kind of post that is SO brilliant that I wish I had come up with it myself. And, you know what? Whenever you write about how you feel down, alone or whatever, someone cares about it, too. And that's me (and ALL THE OTHER FOLLOWERS I'm sure. So, in conclusion, you're quite a lucky girl, aren't you :) )

  5. Sending best wishes, plenty of people care.

  6. that's amaazing. thanks for your comment, i just followed you. your blog is so interesting and amazing. i'll definetley be an avid reader!


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