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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chicken Out?

Its Sunday,tomorrow's Monday. *sad face*. The neighbour next door is playing old blues again. I can almost hear it from my room. I didn't attend my morning religious class today. I tricked my parents into thinking I was sleeping when they woke me up today.

I've wasted my afternoon worrying for tomorrow. We have a frisbee class competition. I seldom participant in competition,but apparently our class has only a handful number of girls,so I have no choice but to play in this one. To be honest,I really have no desire to compete tomorrow. And I know that I'm being selfish by saying this. But seriously,I have my own reasons for saying this,and right now,I'm feeling half-hearted about playing tomorrow. I've already asked Mr P.E about this issue. He encouraged me to go for it but at the same time he tells me that if I was going to compete,I had to be really sure and confident about what I'm doing. Hearing to what he had said,made me even more confuse. So I turned to Mom,and for once,she understands me. She wasn't into the idea about me competing either.
I'm still considering about whether I should play tomorrow. I don't want to let my teammates down and causing them to hate me forever,but at the same time I can't possibly be careless and ignore my reasons.


  1. I think I know what you mean. You don't want to play, but you feel like you have too, and your scared you'll let everyone down by playing when you don't want too. Whatever decision you come too, I hope it works out, xo.

  2. Good luck whatever you choose to do!

  3. If I were you, I wouldn't compete :) But I'm not suggesting anything here. of course :)


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