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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Less Exciting

I am told to go for a family event thing this afternoon but the tell the truth I don't want to.
It's not like my cousins aren't going to be there,they are. Its just that,
I don't want to and
I don't really communicate with my relatives that much or recognise half of them!
I already know what I'm going to expect.

My relatives are going to say how big I've grown,ask what grade am at I in school,
who's daughter am I,all that stuff and I get really tired hearing them commenting on me.

At the end of the end all I do sit
one spot and look bored while I wait for the the adults to finish talking.

I rather be spending the afternoon in the bookstore browsing through good books.

Secret#1 I don't like going for huge family events and stuff.


  1. Oh Nabilah, I know this feeling.
    I love my relatives but sometimes, I'd rather not go to gatherings. They emphasize on the same thing over and over again. "How is school?"..You walk to the next spot, and another person asks the same boring question.
    I wish someone would ask "I hope you are well?. Let's talk about life".
    Anyway, I hope you have a great time.


  2. I hate family gatherings as well. I've always hated them. Maybe it's because I only have two cousins that are around my age, others are all much older or much younger. But I just hate condescending tone of all my aunts and uncles and I hate pretending that "of course, I'm fine. My life's perfect". Blah. Terrible.

    And - the pretty reckless singer is called - Taylor Momsen :)

  3. This was like reading my very own thoughts. I hate big family occasions, and I get asked all those monotonous questions too. A day in a book shop certainly sounds far more enjoyable. Well, I hope it's isn't too bad :)


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