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Thursday, August 12, 2010


when cute strangers hold the door for you and you wake up to text messages
and you feel appreciated and when you are sunburned
and your body is warm and cold showers in the summer and diet cokes
on the porch and music soaks into your soul and when someone talks to
you first and when “i love you” comes from them first and airplanes and
grass stains and when you catch the sunset just in time and when the coffee
is just right and when you get mail and green lights and when suddenly you wake up
and you feel better and hand holding and when you have adventures
and when you learn to drive and when books make you cry and awkward small talk
and new notebooks and when you you feel cosy and warm drinking tea near the fireplace
on a winter's night and a nice picnic with your family and mates and
pretty eyes and trains and capturing beautiful scenes on camera
just so you won’t forget and new countries and when the light is perfect
and kisses on the forehead and being broken but laughing about it
and when the sky is blue and songs that make
you smile and sand in your shoes and
when you laugh and laugh and laugh

I wish all Muslims a blessed Ramadan.
May Allah grant us strength and peace and beyond
and bless our families and friends in this holy month.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful post!!! So inspiring!!!!

  2. Very beautiful, deeply moving. You have a wonderful writing style.

  3. oh this is beautiful?! Did you write this? I need to quote you! So inspiring!

  4. Very beautiful girlie!

  5. This was great.! Loved it! :)

  6. so very wonderful.
    very pretty.

  7. I really liked reading your post. Thank you too for your comment. Ice cream makes me happy too :-)

  8. This made me feel so happy.
    Happy Ramadan :D

    xx Blaize.

  9. Can you send me a book filled with all your words? That way I can feel inspired all the time.

    Happy Ramadan (I have a muslim friend and she is amazing)



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