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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Its been awhile since I told you what I am doing and how am I.

Well,I can honestly say that I've been doing just fine and I had a good,lazy weekend at my cousin's place. Mom,Dad and I are currently living here. And that's because there are contractors doing some renovating at my home and it'd only be done next month.
It was Dad's idea. The house renovating. I was kind of surprise when he decided to give our home a makeover.
We live in a four-room flat. Dad,Mom and I. And I think that's enough to fit the three of us.
It was originally bought by my Grandparents (my Mom's parents),then now,after a few years,they moved in with one of my uncles,so they passed it on to my Mom,and moved in with Dad right after they got married. So the house has a long history of my Mom's family.
I never really complain about our home before. I've never found anything wrong with it.
I find it to be the most comfortable place on the planet!
So while the our home is having its special makeover,my parents and I are staying at my uncle's place. They were nice enough to let us stay,they even provide a room for us.
And its quite comfortable staying here actually,(even though I'm sharing a room with my parents)
Going to school isn't an that much of a problem and I have even have company now. I get to bond with my cousins and aunt now.
But I have to admit,I miss home and my room,I just can't wait to go home and fall asleep on my own bed again.

This week is has been quite disappointing actually. It all started when I received back my English letter-writing test paper. I was feeling really confident about getting the highest score,because I've always done well for English tests. But when the teacher didn't call out my name,you can imagine how disappointed and silly I felt. I still got an A for the test,but I wasn't the highest scorer this time round.
But I tried not to feel so upset about it. There's another test coming up this May,and I'll make sure I'd ace that one be above everyone. (I sound kinda desperate right now)

Today,its Sunday. I usually feel really moody on Sundays because tomorrow's Monday and there school,but I'm not. And its basically because there's no school for me tomorrow! So I've been spending 5 hrs on the computer,going on various music sites,hoping to find some new good songs. I've gotten quite a few so far,and most of them are mostly country music. Oh,and also,I went on Facebook today and after for like so many months not clicking the "Application" button,I finally tried out a few quizzes.

I often try not to believe the final results I get,but there was one result that sounded so true.

Here's the result:


Moonlike Person
You hide your emotion sometimes .You are a moon type of person. You tend to be the quiet type or in contrast, you are not happy but sometimes you act it out in order for you to not burden your friends with your problems. You've faced some problems in your life. Your heart has been dealt blows before . You tend to think about things a lot more than other people, and you may get annoyed with people who act out without thinking about consequences. You are also the type of person that others often come to with their problems because you've been through plenty, and you are very understanding. Though you sometimes feel lonely, your demeanor is usually chill, and relaxed. You usually are logical, and rely a lot on facts and information on decisions. You often keep things to yourself. This is just one side of you, and you have different faces in different situations and environments, just like the moon has phases.

This is me. Almost. I hide my emotions sometimes because I'm afraid to them. I'm afraid of what people might think.


  1. It's okay love, you still got high grade and that's something to be proud of :D

    - Michelle
    LÉS Mm

  2. Your blog is amazing.
    I treasure when you update
    It's inspring and uplifting

  3. Sounds fun! It's weird, beacause most of that test result sounds like me, also.

    And about your grade? Who ever said you had to be BEST? you got an A, something many people can only dream of getting. So good job :)


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