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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stormy Feeling

Um hi. I actually feeling upset today,sort of. But I decided not to make this post sound depressing.So I posted a cute picture to lift up the mood a bit^^ (Yay for Winnie the Pooh!!)
This week has been good. I passed my Chemistry test and I failed Social Studies. I think that's pretty fair and balanced. I carried out my usual routines. School-Home-Eat-Sleep. And I'm still disorganise as ever. I still have not started revising for most of my subjects and the exams starts next two weeks!
The whether has been really terrible the past few days with the blazing sun and outstanding heat.
But,thank god it rained today. Heavy rain with screaming thunder and terrifying lighting. I like it alot. It makes me feels good and not alone.
Its nighttime now and the rain has already stop now. I wish it didn't though,I wanted to sleep and hear the raindrops hit our panes,and let the cold,stormy night whether put me to sleep.
I had a quarrelled with Mom again. Second time this month. She keeps on comparing me with other kids,saying things like, "Look at her she's doing this...unlike you... why can't you be more like that?"
I got upset. Really upset. I think maybe its because,all my short life,I've had people comparing me with someone else. Someone who looks better. Someone who's so much better at everything I wasn't. And to have your parents comparing you with someone else just makes you feel a little more hurtful.
I think I'll stop here.
I'm exhausted.
I think I need sleep.
I have to go through 11 hours of school tomorrow
and I don't wish to die.
Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. awwww love the pooh bear!


  2. Awww..I hope you are feeling better now.


  3. I hope you feel better!
    And Pooh Bear is adorable.

  4. Ah, I hate being compared to other people. But you are wonderful the way you are! Your posts are always full of creativity and positivity :)

  5. Weird, rain usually makes me feel alone...
    Yes, I say that's balanced. :)
    I wish your mom wouldn't compare you to other people. You are your own person, not them!

  6. haha very funny post i love those pictures really cute pictures

  7. Sorry to hear your feeling rather sad. There's nothing like a good dose of winnie-the-pooh to make you smile.
    Good and bad - You are your own person and I'm sure your mom is glad of it (even if she doesn't always say so).


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