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Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Good Friday,Happy Start of April,Happy End of March & Happy Weekend!

I've been meaning to this post,but I'm always delaying it(Sorry about that!). But now I can finally post this,

I wanna thank the people who have given me awards and tagged me;
Kimberly Franklin

Thank you so much!!

And I wanna thank my followers(even to those who has never commented before),and those who have commented on any one of my post before. It really means alot to me knowing that there are people who actually take any interest into what I'm writing.
(Because I've always been the type that no one really cares about.)
And thanks to one of my friends from school,Foo Sin Yun,for being the only person from school that I know who reads my blog.

To all my followers and the blogs that I've linked at the sides,
I wish you were really in my life and that we live on the same street. Because I feel that I can connect with you so much more than those that are in my life right now. *HEARTS*
P.S. your blogs are all amazing!


  1. Happy april, and good friday and all to you too :)

  2. Happy April to You as well :) And happy Easter :)

  3. Awe! Thank you :) Enjoy your weekend!! XOXO

  4. you're such a sweet girl. i LOVE your blog and how heartfelt all of your words are. you're dear. XOXOX

  5. You're a sweetheart!
    Keep posting lovely things!


  6. You are an amazing young woman! Don't you forget that! No one should make you feel any less!!!

    That would be cool if we lived on the same street!

  7. Thank you!
    And yes, I just recently commented on Tywo's blog that I wish me and all of my favorite blogger friends could just go on a huge 2 week awesome vacation. (Whilst blogging of course!)
    I have always loved your blog, even when I was an anonymous commenter.
    You're awesome!

  8. Thanks! Your blog is fabulous!!


  9. Awww thanks!
    I love reading your blog, your so inspirational. :)
    Happy Easter!


  10. happy easter + following you!!

    LÉS Mm,

  11. Such a sad post. You are a wonderful young woman and don't let anyone lead you to believe otherwise. Always remember that there are people out there who care.


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