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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dancing Flame

I am still here,not yet missing. I am yearning for something. Something that is missing in me,suddenly this all feels like nothing but a dream.

My mind,body and soul is empty. But even though this empty,it still manages to ache. The aching is so cruel because its blinding the beauty of life.

Now,I am standing in the shadows,watching,looking at everything and everyone that comes to my sight. Its a wonder how they all seem so bloody happy,like nothing ever seem to go wrong in their lives. Maybe they're just much better at playing pretending than me.

Like a lost child desperately trying to find her mother,to find her way back home,I am frantically trying to find this voice,this love.

I can't hear it. Is it too soft? Is the background noise too loud? Or is he just saying it to someone else?

Whatever it may be,I still can't make it out. As he walks pass,my eyes glued to him,my entire body froze and then those memories comes back,they're blur but beautiful at the same time.

P.S. The only reason why I've never told this guy about how I feel towards him is because everything is far too complicated and dangerous.


  1. No, not everyone has perfect lives. They either cover it up or think about the positive things.
    Or there are the people that think they are perfect and their life is as well. Those are the worsts.
    Your day will come when you will be truly happy, with the person you love.
    Consider that a promise.

  2. Okay, I'm going to write something really cheezy, that at the same time I found really helpful for me, so maybe it'll be good for you too. It's a quote from some book, where one of the characters said something like this: "life is like a box of chocolates. you don't like all the flavours, some you like, some you don't. so when you eat these you don't like first, what's left are the good ones. And it's like this in life - when bad things happen now, it means that good things are about to come soon" Well, that's pretty simple "life philosophy", but I think it's a good one :)


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