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Friday, April 9, 2010

Open and Wde-eyed.

Its okay to cry you know. To just sit alone feeling sad and only having these dull,empty fours looking at you. Go ahead and cry your eyes out,cry till you you run of tears,till your feel like exploding into millions of broken pieces. Shattered.

But don't cry for too long. Because when you cry,you close your eyes. Don't,keep them close for too long. Things have become beautiful since you last looked at it. Life is beautiful. Its always has been.
You just have to look a little deeper into it. Okay?


  1. I spent so much time crying in the last couple of years that I finally am willing to open them and smile.

    Did you write this?

  2. This is lovely, truely lovely.
    thank you, xo.

  3. Happy to see your eyes are wide open. Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you'll stop by again. Sending you wishes for happiness, Katherine

  4. I think I need to cry, to just let it all out. I haven't cried in years.

  5. Ok, I'll remember these beautiful words. Thanks for sharing them with us. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  6. It's better to cry than NOT to cry when you feel like crying. I guess the worst thing is when you want to cry but instead keep all these emotions inside...

    (by the way, thanks for tagging me, I really liked these questions. You rock, you know that, right? ^.^ )

  7. crying once in a while is healthy x3


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