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Monday, April 12, 2010

Tommy Wears a Mask over his Real Face when he Rapes Kitty

A mask is a false face.

"When will you take that off?"
"Because underneath it is ugly,I'm ugly,
and nobody likes ugly things."

Nobody really ever knows how much anybody else is hurting.
We could be standing next to someone who is completely broken, and we wouldn't even know.

Question: Do you put on a false face?


  1. nope. no false faces for me :) always out in the open.
    thanks for the sweet comment!!
    your blog is so interesting. scrolling through now :)
    stop back soon xx

  2. No. Or at least I try not to.
    Sometimes I do, when I don't want anyone to see me sad.

  3. No false faces for me it would require too much time to keep track of them all!

  4. You know being a Mom I have to. So if something is really tearing me apart I have no choice but to keep it together for my girls. I go in the shower and have a good cry if I need to.

  5. hu,how can tights look epic? :O

  6. You are right.
    I wear masks sometimes just because I don't want to get others sad/worried.
    Though, I'm pretty much me most of the time.


  7. I think that I do that all the time. Sometimes it makes me so angry, because I feel that I'm not honest, but then I think that I wouldn't want to let everyone know now terrible I feel. So I fake it, I pretend I'm just fine.

    (and, as for your comment, Nabilah, I really think you'd be great as journalist. your writing style is simply amazing, you can put so many emotions into narration, you know?)

  8. I always put on a false face, and live with a constant poker face. I hate showing my true emotions.

  9. I hope I don't..
    Sometimes I might be sadder than I seem, though.
    I don't know.

  10. ah, got it :b yeah, love them :D

  11. HEY, you've got an AWARD on my blog! Just letting you know :)

  12. Always. It's just so odd not to. Something I learned when I was little..that I need to fix now. Everything just always had to be okay, I'mlearning that it's okay for me to be otherwise now :]

  13. I didn't think I did but apparently I do since my friends believe my life is better than theres yet no one knows the struggles behind my smile.

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  15. I always try to put on a false face, but I might as well be wearing a see-through mask.


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