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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Misunderstandings are Ugly

Today,I ate,I decided too. I figured that there was no point not eating,I've already had less sleep. I was only going to feel more upset than I actually was. I guess,I''ll have to find another way to be lovely.


My exams starts tomorrow.
English on Wednesday
Physics & Social Studies on Thursday
Math on Friday
and some other papers next week.
I managed to push away my laziness aside and took the time to study
in the library,during the last two weeks and so.
I can't stop worrying about the tests as long as its not over. I've already predict that I'm gonna flunk my Math. I think so. Because,honestly,I'm not so sure about some of the Math stuff yet.
Well,fail that or not,let's just hope I don't fail more than one subject.

*Fingers crossed*


Oh,frisbee during P.E class today was really fun,surprisingly! I laugh out loud so much,and it felt so good! :D
I can't remember when was the last time I felt so happy giggly like that.


There's drama going on in my family again. Grandma and Aunt are quarrelling again. I'm too sure what happened though,because I missed the whole thing. But according to Mom,it was because the same reason as every other quarrelled that they had. Misunderstandings.
You know,I guess my family quarrel over the stupid and slightest things. Especially me.


  1. It's so so so happy to hear that you're giggling and having fun! Oh I'm following you on twitter now.


  2. I'm glad you ate.
    Good luck on your exams.


  3. I'm glad you had fun in pe, its nice being able to laugh and giggle sometimes :)
    My family had a lot of family drama too. It seems to be never ending.

  4. That's good that you ate. People who think they are "beautiful" or "lovely" because they don't eat have serious problems. Don't get sucked into that.
    I'm glad you lol'd in P.E.! Try it some more!

  5. all the lovely people have already quoted what i wish to say, so all i can really do is send you my love! :D


  6. especially during your exams you should forget about any diet because, you know, your mind needs strenght now :)


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