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Friday, April 9, 2010

Same Height as my Fridge

This an example of how we were doing in school this week. Looks really fun right? -_-

I had a Math test today and the question were on Algebra. I couldn't even solve the first question!

Bottom line;I am gonna fail.


Kylie from ( had tagged me! Yay!!
Its been quite sometime I've done these sorta questions,so here goes;

What do you want right this minute?

-Get a haircut!
Are you taller than your fridge?

-Not really,same height I think.
Ever pranked called someone? What was the outcome?

-Kind of. Backfired! :\
Best gift you've ever been given?

-I can't remember, Probably those DIY necklaces.
Favourite TV character?

Favourite quote?

- I have many faves.
Are your pajama pants as cool as mine? (mine have owls, bet that's hard to beat :P)

-Mine has skulls on them. So I guess that's a fair competition ;D
Last time you cried?

-2 months ago
Are you a sore loser?

-Uh..I don't really think so...
Facebook or Twitter?


Now I have to come up with a new set of questions and tag some other bloggers. If I tag you,you'll just need to answer mine and then make up your own questions.

-> What's the colour of the shirt you're wearing right now?
-> Fave brand?
-> Which celebrity would you want to be BFF with?
-> How would you react if one day you wake up and receive a letter from "The Minstry of Magic" informing that they want you in Hogwarts?
-> Fave dessert?
-> Which reality TV show would you want to be in?
-> Ice-cream or chocolates?
-> Have you ever want/wish to slide down a rainbow?
-> If you could travel back time,which time will you visit? (Ancient Greek,Middle Ages etc.)
-> Are you happy with life now?

I tag:
Tywo (
Helen (
Misery (
Christejolu (
Leviana (
If anyone else wants to do this,you are most welcome too!


  1. You are so sweet.


  2. thanks, hun, I'm answering right away :)


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