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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Forgiving Myself for Being Lame

A cat fight occurred in class today,over somethings lame. I wasn't involved of course. I had enough of all those shit. I passed my Social Studies class test. I was pretty satisfy with it. Mr Social Studies read out the score aloud the whole class. One thing about your score being mention out aloud to the whole class is that,if you know that you're gonna pass that the process is fine. But if you're pretty sure you're gonna flunk it,then you'll hate the teacher for mentioning it out aloud. I don't blame those who hate though. Its embarrassing to have your whole class know that you fail the damn test.

I skipped my after-school activity today. I already skipped last week session,I just can't help it once you skip for the first time,you will have this irresistible lazy feeling of skipping it again,its like as though there's this stupid devil is controlling your emotions and leading you to a wrong decision. Well,I'm sure this year my activity points are gonna be as low as fuck.

Anyway,we had to run the 2.4km during P.E today,and unlike the other girls who had wore shorts I wore tack pants. Because Dad ordered me too. Its pretty comfortable if you ask me.Today's run was a practise,the actual test is around March I think. I participated, although my timing was recorded. I wanted to do what everyone else was doing,I didn't want to be selfish and sit around lazily for 2 whole period. Plus I wanted people people to know that I'm normal and can do almost just about anything they can. And anybody who thinks that I'm not capable of doing relevant normal things are just delusional.

So,anyway,I tried running,then I feet hurt hurt,so I walked,while everybody else was doing what was doing what we were suppose to be doing. This was my first 2.4km run so I wasn't really sure where the start and where the ending was. I can't believe myself,after 2 friggin years this was my first 2.4km run. Now thinking about it,I'm like "What the fuck was I thinking 2 years ago?!" I should have attended P.E.

The thing about running that I noticed is that,you will tend to talk to people you've never spoken to before or often. Like just now,I talked to this one tall,guy in my class whom I've never spoken to. And he's reaction to it was priceless! LOL! Another thing is that before the we had to run the actual distance,Mr P.E told us to run 2 rounds around the school compound-wasn't really a long distance-to warm and everything. But as soon as we started running,almost everyone acting as if it was the actual thing. I didn't follow,because by common sense you weren't suppose to waste your energy on just 2 friggin rounds. So that I don't see why people needed run for their lives at full speed back then,because all that needs to be done was jog. Whatever. I'm glad that I decided to take up P.E this year at least I did something. I don't mind being last,but I can't stand being left out.

Oh right, just a random say,I totally forgot to bring my pencil case to school today. This is already the second time this month. I'm so friggin lame.


  1. I swear, the same stuff happens to both you and I .
    Yesterday, these 2 girls in my science class got in a cat fight too and had to go the office. It was hilarious though.
    Girl 1 thinks she's all that.
    Girl 2 thinks she can do anything she wants (she also looks like a boy a little. This info will become relevant here in a sec.)
    Girl 2: "Shut up or I'll come over there and slap you!"
    Teacher: No you won't, now both of you shut up!
    Girl 1: "Shut up (insert name here) or I'll come over there and slap the little boy out of your face!"
    I was like, oh no she didn't!
    Yeah, so they both went to the office!

  2. hahahaha..I can't get enough of your posts! I can't remember the last time I saw an actual cat fight. My classroom is filled with boys!. Its about 2% girls, and I know not to start a fight, since I cant end one!


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