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Monday, January 25, 2010

Apparently,This Happened Today

Boy With a Beautiful Face & a Gorgeous Smile
Written by Yours Truly

Boy with a beautiful face and a gorgeous smile,
You look so handsome as you sat on that bench there
You didn't turn as I walk by

I know you you saw me,don't try to come up with a flithy lie
I'm 101% sure you pretended not to notice
I've got no doubts
I bet you were thinking "Who the fuck cares?"
So I just mind my own ass and
went along resisting the temptation to stare
with a heart sinking like the titanic
and all this ugly feelings

One of them;
an awful amount of regret that truly scares.

Boy with a beautiful face and a gorgeous smile
You got tired of me
I understand why you don't fucking care
I'm irrelevant and hardly visible
to almost every breathing human being
Now go on ahead
do that again
don't give a damn
Its fine, I'll try my best to stay alive.

Its scary to think that how,that one indescribable person can effect your day,your life,your heart,YOU.


  1. Perhaps he was shy? Maybe he doesn't feel the same way other people perceive him...

    ....or he could just be a self-centered pretty boy, but don't let his ego effect you.

    I think he's shy. Just keep smiling:)

  2. Gosh, this happened to me today!. But his friends told me he is a really shy person.

    I mean, I caught him starring at me a few times, but he never said hi!!!


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