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Friday, January 22, 2010

"You're Grounded if You Don't Pass Math!!" Grr..

We had Maths test today,and there's maybe,just maybe I have this tiny chance of passing it. Cause the night before I actually studied it.Well, I only did 7-10 questions,but still I got it most all of it right. Which means I understood the whole formula thingy. I'm just gonna have to wait till Monday. The paper was okay,it was only like this one single sheet of paper with both sides. I'm not gonna say that I'm sure I'll pass,because every time I say that it'll turn out the opposite rather than to what I was hoping. It happens almost all the time. CREEPY!

I got into an argument about Mom last night,about school shoes. o__0 Its so stupid! And since I'm the only child,I've never experience sibling rivalry and I don't have such arguments a brother or sister. But I often get into major/small arguments with my Mom. Dad never. But Mom like almost two times a week! And its so annoying! And the thing is whenever we argue,non of us wants to give in,and it drives Dad crazy sometimes! The arguement can go on and on like for 3 friggin hours!! The worst part is,I lose ALL THE TIME! And it gets worse,she'll use the "debating" session to get a chance to ground me. Her excuse; I TALK BACK. :/
Really,really,really? Why do parents have to that? I'm already torture enough at school!
So I since in this horrible,unsatisfying situation alot of times,
I advise you to not argue with your parents just shut up when they lecture you even if they don't sound right. 'Cause if you do talk back,you'll be end being an angry,frustrated loser in the debating

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  1. Yeah, I just nod my head at my mom, because if I talk back, she'll just keep on going...
    I have a sybling, but we don't have rivalry. We just argue alllll the time.
    Yes, I HATE algebra. It's the worst part of my day.


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