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Friday, January 29, 2010


Its Dad's birthday today. I won't mention how old he is though.
Dad doesn't like birthdays. He wouldn't encourage you to throw a birthday bash for him. He says that there was no point in birthdays if it was just for the sake of giving presents and reminding them how old they already are. Which was kinda true considering that some people just grow alot worse than they already are. But anyways Happy Birthday Dad :)

I actually did some practise awhile back on my Maths before this.


I woke up from the imaginative world of mine,right after I received back my first damn Maths test. I was only two marks away from the passing mark. FAIL. D:

So anyway,I decided to spend this weekend writing a letter reply to Mom's friends in England.
(Mom's not sure want to write so she asked for help) Its a little late to reply though,since the last card they sent was during Christmas. Mom's friends never fail to send one during Christmas,so I figured that it'll be rude not to send a reply back. I was thinking of buying a card,but I then I realised it was just a waste of money. So I decided to make one. I'm not gonna make it complicated and make seem that its a wedding card. So I decided to add some little drawings.
I'll take picture of it once I'm done. I swear! LOL!

Just a random add,

We were given this "lecture" in school,about all the good things that we're suppose to be doing . The sorta,life skills lectures that teachers love give out to us teens. I will say that they were all very right and we are advise to follow them. But as far as I'm concerned,I know that most teens like us don't really give a shit about all those stuffs. That's what I observe. Teachers can give us like 62725 lectures,but at the end of the day,it somehow,won't get into our heads. The sadest thing is,adults seem to think that we'll instantly turn into angels and it'll be the turning point of our life.
Hell no,unfortunely its not that easy to get us youths to fully realise ourselves.

I think,we're just too young to obey all the rules yet.

& of course;


    This picture is magnificent!

  2. Yes, hallelujuah, it's FRIDAY!
    Haha Happy Birthday Nabilah's dad.
    Teachers are dumb sometimes.

  3. Happy HAPPY Birthday to your daddy!!! Whoop whoop!!

    My dad's "birthday" is this month also...he has 7 years sober!!

    -Peace and Blessings

  4. aww happy birthday to your dad! and happy frieday to you :)

  5. Thanks so much for the note. You've got a rare sense of humor..all the best with it. And a wonderful weekend, too.


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