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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh The Trouble We Could Get Into,

Miley,Hannah. Hannah,Miley.I like the both of them & I don't friggin care what other people are saying about her. I think she is the only relevant,good singer/actress on Disney now. Not that I don't like the others,its just that I like her better. Her songs are really good and catchy and sometimes maybe meaningful & I like "Hannah Montana". WTF did they even cancel it?! & when I say I like Miley,I mean ONLY Miley,not her Dad,her sister Noah r Brandi or anybody else that is related to her in,but not in the Disney industry.

Now,I don't really understand why people hate her so,very much. I mean what dangerous,rebellious thing that she did that made almost the entire world hate her so much,calling her names and everything. I mean c'mon people,what's so dangerous thing that he did?? I'm fully aware she took those pictures of herself. But it was really obscene,in my opinion,I thought Vanessa Hudgens's was worse! And of course there are other things that she did..

But c'mon,its not like she took drugs or anything,or got pregnant,or got in very deep trouble with the law. As far as I'm concerned,most of her actions were the same as of a teenage girl's act. Except she she's got more money. She just wanna have fun like most teens.
I mean,she's still a teenager,like most of us,who goes to parties,take pictures of themselves constantly,get into catfights,think that you're so "in love" (when you're clearly not.) So why is everyone hating on her so much. If you go outside and look around you'll find many people (teens) who are acting almost the same as her. I just think people should give her break,and the whole Selena vs Miley think was so like high school drama. Its almost as if like,two girls who are fighting for the popularity spot,and is trying to get the attention of the hunk,on the football team,which in the Disney world is apparently Nick Jonas.

Another thing that I don't understand is that,if lots of people hate,then why does she have like THOUSANDS of fans,2 million followers on Twitter and singles that made it all the way to the top on most of the charts??

Sometimes,I kinda pity her because I kinda know how it feels to be judged by like,the entire world. i mean how would you feel waking up everyday and getting hate messages from this people,being made fun of other musicians in the same music industry as you. I wouldn't blame her if she would one day go through depression.

And I don't know if you realised this but musicians who have been through alot things like this tend to have the best songs and their singles/albums are a hit.
E.g. Britney Spears,Justin Timberlake,Miley Cyrus,Taylor Swift & some other people...

So people just need to give her a break & see if she has got any other scandal up,in the meantime people need to stop saying shit about her,because she hasn't really done anything crazy yet!!
& no,she is not a role model,nobody in my opinion,on Disney channel is fit to be somebody's role model as a matter of fact. Just because you like that celebrity doesn't mean he/she is your "role model" I don't even consider Taylor Swift as my role model. So,don't take all this too seriously.

Oh & Miley, if you REALLY wanted to show the middle finger just go ahead & do it!

just like what Kristen did...

No,wait she can't,or else the whole world will judge her on that. :\

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  1. I agree with you 100 PERCENT!
    Miley Cyrus is (in my opinion) the best Disney star ever, and I don’t see why people should hate her for no reason.
    Those people shouldn’t judge someone they don’t really know.
    She’s awesome.

    xx Blaize.


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