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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Like You Hair,I Like Your Style BUT I Hate Your Irrelevant Response

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"While many celebrities have been announcing their pledge of support to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, there’s one person who’s not interested in lending any help.

Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen had a shocking response when reporters asked if she was following in the footsteps of people like Wyclef Jean, Madonna, and Angelina Jolie, and lending support to the victims of the devastated country.

Taylor told Ok! magazine, “Um, right now I’m trying to just finish my record and getting through the last season of Gossip Girl for right now. So not so much thinking about that.”

She must have realized how terribly bitchy and insensitive she sounded, so Taylor quickly added, “But it’s awesome that everyone is ya know working towards a good cause.”

Wow. Sometimes celebrities should just keep their mouths shut. We wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t even realize what was going on over there.

I like you Taylor,but why do you have to sound somewhat evil in this??!
I think she's one of the many celebrities who suck at doing interviews :/


  1. I don't expect much more out of her, so I am not disappointed.

  2. I think that is really rude, considering how would she feel if she was one of those people.
    She needs to appreciate what she has, and not be so selfish. I'm not saying she has to help, but she doesn't have to make comments like that either.

  3. At least you get all the usual celebrities giving their support, and even Simon Cowell is getting together a group to do a record deal with a load of singers to help.
    People like her think more of her celebrity status than the "Real World". She is totally rude, and totally out of order saying that, and in a magazine interview too! She should be ashamed of herself!

  4. I like her a lot, But I hate what she said. I saw the "hope for Haiti" show last night, those people are in pain.I think anybody that has the money should try to give something.


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