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Monday, January 25, 2010

Today Was Just Fine

Hey you guys, I'm alive,thank god! Today was just OK. Subject teachers didn't gave us any homework today,but it doesn't mean I have the privilege to relax throughout the rest of the day. I have another short maths test tomorrow. BUMMER! Mrs Math didn't gave us back our previous test that we did last week. She promised us that she'd give it back today,adults lie. Then the whole class started moaning. We should have just pink swear with her.

I didn't realised that my file was left in the art room until yesterday night. I intended to get my English worksheet done,but then I realised it wasn't with me. So I ended up not being able to complete it and which was quite a problem for me because English one of the first few periods that I had before my break. But I was rather lucky today. Mr English didn't came in for class today,apparently he had to settle some other important stuffs,so we had 2 free periods. People can get wild and crazy during free periods.

I went solo during break time,and I got back my file. That lessened my worries. And the day just went on like how its suppose to be.

Tomorrow's gonna be a tiring day,I guess. We have P.E where we're gonna have to do a test. We're required to run a total 2.4km. Mr P.E won't test though,'cause I'm not require to,because of certain,relevant reasons. But I'm hoping I could run with my class. I don't really care much about the amount of time I'm gonna cover or which place I'd be,because it doesn't my timing won't be recorded anyway. I'm just gonna run my ass off like the rest. Regardless of whatever.


  1. Haha I have a math test today as well ugh! My teachcers lie all of the time lol, we should make them take an oath when they promise us something.
    P.E. sucks I'm glad that's over for me.

  2. I think everyone dreads P.E,i don't blame though,they make us do push-ups and run 3-4 rounds in the big ass field. We're just kids for god sake! LOL!! ;)


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