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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Licking & Craving for More

I've been eating Paddle Pop's rainbow ice-cream quite lot these days. I use to LOVE eating them when I was little. And whenever I bought ice-cream it will ALWAYS be that same flavour. There was something really sweet about it. Now,I'm addicted to it all over again!! And the more you lick it you'll crave for more. The taste is soo good! I don't even know why people will want to bite their ice-cream. I mean you are suppose to lick it right? That's how you know how good it tastes.. Oh and the picture is not Paddle Pop ice-cream. I couldn't find the actual one,so I figured a rainbow ice-cream will do.

I'm really sure if you know them but BUSTED was one of my fave boy band..OF ALL TIME! Back then it was like 2003-2004,they are a British band.. I love listening to them,and now I'm listening to their songs all over again. There was "Who's David" "She wants To be Me" "Air Hostess" "Year 3000" and same other songs. But really they were good,sad to say that they split up..due to whatever fucking reasons. Its such a waste. Why do bands do that?! Its like once they are like going on great with everything and in the process of making it HUGE they just give it all up. This one of the reasons why I can't really trust bands.
& since we're on subject of music... What the hell happen to her??! She just went into hiding/quiet mode. I heard she was suppose to have a new album release last year September. But now its like..WTF? I was like waiting for her by the radio hoping to hear a new single or something but nothing... Avril Lavigne/Abidon needs to get back in the studio and produce some new singles like RIGHT NOW!

This isn't about Taylor Swift,its about what she's saying because if Kanye West were to say this,I'll post it anyway regardless of whatever. Whether you're 15,10,37, years old. Just watch,I just thought that what she said was true.

No I don't write songs. I only think things through.
I'll only write if something HUGE happens.

"Don't make High School everything..."
Translate(my way):
Its okay to fail exams once in awhile,not do homework occasionally,getting a teacher scream at your face. & you're still cool even if you are not popular,you don't have many friends, you don't have a bf/gf or if you're heartbroken/upset because of irrelevant,low-life bitches (guys&girls).


  1. Ice cream is the best :) lol I liked busted as well when they were kinda big,I wonder where they are now ¬¬) ??

    Did you take one of the awards from my blog? You should,you deserve it! Your blog is really cool,especially since you gave it a make over :)

  2. I have never heard of Paddle Pop's rainbow ice-cream. You have made me curious, though.
    Busted? Um.... who?

    But I do know Avril! Don't know what happened to her.


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