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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank You,I'm Slightly Better Today

I'm sorry about the sad,emo post I posted yesterday. Thanks you so much on all the lovely comments. It made me feel better :D

I was indeed lucky that today was slightly better for me. Although there were maybe some lame random insults going on. I can't help it, confession-I have sensitive-But managed to get through it.

There were good news for me. I passed my Physics test! (the one I thought I failed). That really cheered me up. I passed mostly all my class test so far. Yay! I need to make sure I maintain this standard and not go downhill.

Maths was super funny today. LOL! The poor teacher,having to put with our rebellious class. My friends were annoying the hell outta her. They purposely did that just so to kill time. Throughout the two periods it went like,

"Teacher,teacher,teacher. May I go to the restroom?"

"No! Sit down!

Discipline Master came,

"Okay fine,you can go. I'll go along with you,see if you really pee.

It went on and on like for two periods. I knew it was wrong but I laughed my ass of!
Poor,poor Maths teacher,I think she was about to cry out of frustration.
She did once though,the last two weeks.

So anyway,after that chaos ended. I spent time with Vanessa (desk mate). We had a good talk. She talked about her problems and I talked about mine. It weird though 'cause I didn't know her at all the past two years. But now,like out of the blue we were bonding. I feel so good, to know that there is someone who trusts me,because Vanessa has tons of friends,and we only known each other for like 1 month,so I couldn't believe that she had this trusted feeling on me. somehow. and to have someone who I can trust. It feels so good to know that there is someone who doesn't just treat you like "just like that".

So we just talked while walking home. I told her about all the stuffs that were upsetting me and all,and I was surprised she understood and could relate to them.

I so appreciate her. It feels so darn good to know that there's someone who doesn't treat you like shit.


  1. I love your profile picture! awesome shirt you've wearing! X

  2. Isn't making new friends the best : ). Sometimes they are right under our noses!

  3. I totally love your blog! thanks for sharing!!

  4. I'm glad you're a little better.
    I'm also glad you could talk your feelings over with someone who would listen.

  5. Yes, I'm glad you're feeling better too. Thank God not all people suck.

  6. Congrats on your physics test and whatnot! And that's great that you have someone there to trust and talk to and everything, that's a lovely feeling.

  7. Yeah; sometimes it's nice just to talk to someone about your feelings and emotions.
    I hope you're feeling MUCH better now!

    xx Blaize


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