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Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I Should Be Doing This Time

I'm sad,'cause its Sunday :( Which obviously means its Monday..again. My routine is going all over again. I hate that afternoon Sunday feeling you know,as far as I can remember,I've never felt excited on a Sunday afternoon,unless of course its a a holiday the following day.

I'm really glad that there isn't any hard work homework to do,except for Art. We're basically just drawing plastic bottles O_O Mr Art says that we needed to build up our skill first before we move on to any of the much more difficult parts. And he's right,I do need to build up my skill,because looking at my sketches that I've done this last 2 weeks,wasn't really any good. I'm not satisfy with my work at all. Same goes for all my other subjects,its a load of rubbish. I need to catch up on my Math,Accounts and Physics before its every thing's too late. Like last year.

And I'm saying all this things about how I'm gonna get to it. But I'm not. I haven't touch my books yet. I want to sit down and revise but,its just so difficult to start and think. And worse of all the computer isn't helping at all. I just don't understand why am I too lazy to revise and why I so often delay my homework. I know it sounds lame,but I just don't understand myself sometimes. FML.

But anyway,let's put that aside.

I'm planning a new school bag. Yeah its already fourth week,but who cares? The bag that I'm bringing right now is already old. It was sorta a gift from my cousin,she didn't really use it any more,so I thought she gave it,and I merrily took it. Its sorta look like a shoulder/handbag bag. Its really good though. And its the only bag that I use that didn't got torn after like a year and a half,'cause almost every bag I use just gets torn. So Imma buy a new one,and this time I'm not asking Dad to buy it for,because Dad already paid almost all my expenses,so I'm not gonna torture him this time. An besides,he won't let me have that bag if I were to ask money from him. He knows damn well that's far too much spending for just one month. I'm gonna save money for it,and I'm gonna make sure that by the mid-February, I've already save enough. I'm almost there right now. But I'm not really sure which one I should get,I'm already considering a few,but its so hard to choose. I get really fickle-minded at times like this. Uh-oh!

On top of everything,I need to improve my handwriting. Now that I look at it,its not good,not good at all.


  1. Yes, I had the same trouble the other day when I had to self-revise my personal narrative for English class. I didn't even want to try because it's hard to get my point across when I'm telling a story about me, you know?
    That's great that you're saving up your own money instead of asking your dad for money.
    Yes, I hate Sundays

  2. Hey! This is what I was just thinking about sundays! I'm sitting at this library trying to do homework :(. Your blog is amazing, and so real!


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