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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dirt Is the New Black

Its already noon and I feeling like sleeping again. I've been feeling so sleepy these days,blame it on those late night computer playing...thing. Lately,I've been reading some of your blogs,and I have to say,the posts that usually caught my attention,is always the one about snow. I am so jealous,LOL! Singapore doesn't have snow,its sunny all the time,in fact,the whether right now is really warm. Mother nature is so unfair. If only Singapore had crossed the equator line.

There's something I hate about myself,and I really wish I could get rid of it easily. I totally lack of self-control. And this is considerably bad. Like I said, I don't really have control on my spending,and now,I don't have control on the food I consume daily either. I've been eating alot of chocolates,and I can't restrain myself from consuming at least one bar everyday. It annoys me that whenever I open the fridge,and then my eyes will drift to its sight. I'm currently addicted to 'Ferreo Rocher',I have a small box full of them in my fridge and half of it is almost gone,all eaten mostly by me. I need to stop eating too much now,and I need to make sure I have an equal proportion of everything.
And there's something I'm afraid of now. I'm afraid to look at my reading on the weighing scale.
I'd pretend I didn't see the reading.

I just had this conversation with my parents 30 secs ago;

Mom: Wash your school shoes now!
Me: *still on the computer* (my shoes aren't that dirty,its only been a week since I last washed it)
Mom: Missy,go wash it now,you have school tomorrow!
Me: *groans* Why do I have to them wash it so soon? You know,right now, dirt is the new black!

My parents are annoying and I am so lame.


Oh and since some of you asked,the first two sentences of my previous post were taken from a passage,while the rest of the story was written by me. That's my first time writing something,like that. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback. (:


  1. You're lovely.

    I have no self control either.

  2. Have you ever seen snow in real life (not just in pictures, etc)? Some of my family members came from Europe & they never saw snow before. When they saw it where I am, it was amazing to see how fascinated they were. It sounds like the weather is beautiful where you are though!

    Self takes a lot of practice!

  3. I don't have any self control. None, nada.

  4. I also wish I could see snow. I am in Queensland in Australia, the state that would never ever get snow. It's so hot here. It can get up to 40 degrees celsius and sometimes right up to 90% humidity. It is so horrible in summer sometimes that you just sweat constantly. The humidity is what makes it horrible.

    I know what you mean about control. At the moment I have this super control because I am doing a food diary for my dietitian and so I don't want to lie, so I just don't eat stuff I don't want him to see. It's this fear of him thinking badly of me I think.

    Sarah xx

  5. Ah, Ferrero Rocher! ^.^ I am totally addicted to them, which is why I am TRYING not to even look in their direction in shops :) AS for you lack of self-control, I know how it feels, every person has some weaknesses. I guess I'm going to sound myself really cliche, but I think it'll pass, there's no such weakness that a person cannot overcome.

    And - your conversation with you mum - hillarious. Dirt is the new black :)

  6. I wish I could give you some of our snow. I'd be delighted to! I just want spring/summer to be here! I'm getting so sick of school!
    Haha, "Dirt is the new black!" My mom nags me all of the time.
    And like I said before, your writing piece was wonderful!


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