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Monday, February 8, 2010

Like,The Only Two People On Earth

I was on the train,heading back home. Like usual. There was this couple who boarded the train,after me,and I think there were oblivious to the surroundings because they were just making out as if they wasn't anybody else in the train. People were obviously watching but they just kept going on.

I usually don't bother about this things but as I was watching them,I can't help but feel annoyed and maybe even a little jealous.

Then I stood up and went to another cabin.


  1. That picture is cool.
    Wow, they were probably just in **lovers** mode and they didn't even care who saw them.
    Yes, you were probably jealous. Anybody would be.
    Just know that you aren't the only one.
    Oh and thanks for leaving a comment on my livejournal!

  2. That's understable you were annoyed :) it IS annoying, ha. I don't like being in such situations, because I instantly think that I'd love to be so careless about the ppl watching. :)

  3. I'm always annoyed to. I mean, it's cute if they make out a couple of times, but once they get overboard. Then it's annoying!!

  4. AHHH PDA can be so awkward!!


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