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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You're Beautiful,Do Me a Favour,Stop Saying Mean Things

I had a good day today. But I can't help but wonder about this ^^
I just don't understand this 'group' of people. Do you?

I guess they're just so beautiFULL (of themselves)
I just discovered that I had a rather large bruise on my leg this morning. Its not really a big deal 'cause its not really that obvious. Its always been like that since I was little. In fact,it was worse back then. Whenever I knocked onto something,a bruise never fails to appear the next day. I think this one came because I knocked onto a wall the other day while 'cause I frantically rushing to school. It hit hard.
I failed to hide this from Mom,she saw it,and now, she keeps reminding me to eat some,fruits,eat some vegetables,all those good stuff. I don't really have a problem with that,but I'm quite choosy when it comes to all this nutrients and stuffs.
Now,I can't decide which is so much more disgusting,the usual bruise on my leg on the bruise in my heart that comes and go every now and then.
I have a chemistry test tomorrow. Too bad chemistry and I aren't really the best of friends.


  1. yeah, I suppose we all come across such ppl - it's weird that they think this way. I had this really, really beautiful friend in high school (or, actually, she wasn't my friend. she was just a girl from my class) and everyone, teachers included, kept telling her "oh you're so pretty. you kind of look like an Indian" (I mean Native American here!) and I could see how she looks down at everyone-I mean, there was just something about her that she thought it's perfectly NATURAL&OBVIOUS for ppl to treat her like some sort of prinsess. She was really surpsied when someone didn't. And I always wondered whether that was ONLY because she WAS beautiful or for some other reason, too...Oh, that's a LONG comment :)

    (and that photo is from "10 things I hate about you", right? I absolutely ADOOOORE this move and I don't understand HOW could they make a TV series out of it!)

  2. Good luck on your test!
    I don't understand "those" people either. We try to avoid them, but they make us notice them with their bad attitudes.

  3. 10 Things I hate About you! Great movie!

    Good luck on your test and blow off those people, they are not worth your time or energy!

  4. I'm like that too! I almost get bruises just by being looked at x)

    I hate "those" people, but you should just try to ignore them.

    lots of luck on the test!

    Jen xx

  5. Those bruises happen to me too. I went ice skating this weekend, took a few bad falls, and now I am ashamed to take advantage of the nice weather and wear shorts because of my awful-looking knees.

  6. Same here. Sometimes, I don't even remember where I got the bruise!
    I wish that bruise on your heart would stay away!
    Good luck on your chemistry test!

  7. Good luck with your chem test!! I loved that movie when I was younger, Heath Ledger!!

  8. "Now,I can't decide which is so much more disgusting,the usual bruise on my leg on the bruise in my heart that comes and go every now and then." - I really love that line, but Im so sorry you have such a bruised heart :( HUGS

  9. love that movie!
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for the sweet comments, means the world!


  10. It’s compliments we take for granted I guess, people always say to me, “wow you are beautiful, are you a half caste (half Chinese half English)” I’ve gotten so use to these compliments that sometimes I sneer at people, however I don’t mean too, it’s only because I can’t see what they can see, I can’t see the fascination they have with my face because I see it everyday and know I have flaws, there are ways I wish I could look differently, I can also see a million girls out there who are far more beautiful than me and I know deep down inside that they are just complimenting to be nice to me, not because it's a fact.

  11. those girls are girls i'd love to slap one across the hard

  12. I love that movie! Just saw it the other day. Oddly enough, it reminds me of high school. LOL. : )


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