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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Think I'll Just Keep My Mouth Shut for Now

"Sometimes its better to keep your mouth shut then say anything at all"

"Its better not to know the truth because the truth hurts."

I found out that my friend's boyfriend is two-timing. Neither of the girls know his a douchebag. I'm the only one that knows this right now,I can't decide whether I should tell my friend about him. Maybe I should just pretend that I have don't know anything about it. I don't really know her that much neither,we just hang everyday,that's about it. I don't even know the other girl as either. Besides,what if she's handles relationships like me? The type,that won't let this matter go and let it ruin your entire life.

I've got nothing to prove right now. And I certainly don't want to get involve in such sticky situations anymore.

I think I'm just gonna keep quiet about this one. I know I'm being mean and selfish. But I had enough of all this shit. Believe me,I had enough,and I'm not about to get involve again all too soon. I'm sorry.

It breaks my heart that some guys thinks that acting like Tiger Woods is cool.


  1. Yes, what would you do in a situation like this one.
    You either end up helping them, or they call you a liar & you're just jealous.
    P.S. I posted the name of that song and a link to the video on my blog.

  2. I don't know. If I were you I would have told my friend even if she would hate me for it. After all, the truth hurts. Then she can choose to move forward.

  3. You know in a situation like this there's always the risk that the girl is so infatuated with her boyfriend that not only she won't believe such news but she'll stubbornly assume that you're jealous or something and you're making this up. Even if she's a good friend of yours, that's a possibility, because we all know that love makes us quite irrational. So maybe it's better not to interfere in this...that's what I'd do, I suppose

  4. Thank you for your nice comment. I like your blog too. That's a really hard situation..

  5. It's really a hard situation, no matter what you choose.
    If your friend is a love-blinded type, telling her may ruin your friendship.
    On the other hand, if she is the free type, not telling her may also ruin your friendship.

    Tough decision, sweetie.


  7. If it were me, I wouldn't say anything. I know that's really hard but I'm with the others, if you say something and your friend gets mad, it will make you feel awful. Either way you will feel awful. I guess you know the girls better than anyone. If you truly think they would take it okay, then say something otherwise maybe tell the guy to pull his head in or you will say something. I don't know if that will work, but at least then you would feel like you were doing something. Good luck!

  8. Such a sticky situation. I hope I never have to make the choice.

    And, love the picture!

  9. oh this is so tough. I used to hear & think that the best idea is to tell the cheater that you know & to threaten them with telling their significant other if they don't do it first. Apparently that usually ends up backfiring. Sigh. Sorry youre going through this right now. I guess the best thing you can do is continue to be the good friend that you are to the right person.


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