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Saturday, February 13, 2010

So-Called New Bag

I bought a new backpack for school,finally! But unfortunately,its not the bag that I actually wanted. I bought something different. Now that I've mentioned it, its really hard to get what you really want these days. I went out with my Mom and Dad one of those bug shopping malls in town, and we were rushing to get there,because the shops are closing in early as today is Chinese New Year Eve. So I took the bag,paid and left. Honestly,I a little hesitate at first because the price was rather high. But I didn't have any choice left,so I decided,why not? Its black by the way.

As usual,Mom wanted to get some groceries at the supermarket. I didn't support the idea,I never do. I hated going grocery shopping with Mom,because she takes ages in there. But I didn't wanted to be selfish and just followed. So while Mom and Dad were too busy with the kitchen stuff,I browse the shelves. I love browsing.

As I was looking around,I suddenly thought about my uncl. How my family and he's would always go out on weekends. It was really fun. Really.

In the past,the three of us (Mom,Dad and me) will often go out with my uncle and his family. So altogether there were 7 of us.
We'll just randomly drive the car and stop at any food outlet or shopping mall. Back then,grocery shopping was rocks! Mom or no Mom.
I had company with me,my two cousins. The three of us we'll just explore the supermarket together. Plus,whenever any one of us got really thirsty,and we had no water with us,we'll just grab one from the shelves and drink it,put it the half/empty bottle in the basket and only pay right after everyone has done getting all their things. It was like, "Drink first,Pay Later"
Strangely,the cashier never said got angry or anything like that.
But now,we don't really go out with them anymore,I don't really get to see them quite that often either. I miss those bumpy car rides.

So when Mom got all her shopping done today. We went straight home.

And since we're talking about parents right now,a few days ago, Mom asked me this after I just got back from school,

"Am I really that fierce whenever I scold you?"

I really did not know how to answer her.
But in my head I secretly said,

"Mom,you have no idea"

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  1. How did your mom know that you thought she was fierce when she scolded you?
    I feel like that sometimes as well when I think about my cousins. You never really appreciate their company until you don't have it anymore.


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