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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Family Gathering

I made it through yesterday. I went for a family gathering and I slept through through event. I didn't help preparing the stuffs. To be honest,I don't really like this sorta family event. I haven't been to one in ages,and the only reason I went for this one, is because it was from one of my closest relatives. I didn't really talk much,I didn't really communicate much with my relatives. I had nothing to talk about really. So I just sat down quietly and ate. Then half way through,I went to Dad and asked,

"Dad,can we go home now?"

"No,the thing is not over yet."

I couldn't argue with that. So in order to kill time,I decide to sleep,while everyone was mingling with one another. I'm a heavy sleeper,so I woke up after 3 friggin hours. And I could have sworn,that I had a slight fever after I've woken up. I felt so crappy.

Most of the guests had already left,and I was like "Yeah,which means its my time to go home now!"
I thought the journey home was gonna be smooth for once,but Mom had to ruin it,by starting an argument with me. I was completely fed-up,so I put on my earplug and blast the song on my MP3 in my ears.
I didn't really do anything epic when I got home.

My baby nephew,he was there,and everyone
was fighting to hold him. LOL.

Its Monday,today,and for the first time since the holidays,I don't really mind. Because I have there's no school today (and tomorrow)
I've got no homework,no projects.
So how should I take advantage of this free time?
By studying?
No,absolutely not.


  1. Hey. No school for me either today! (Snow day.)
    Lol that is hilarious, my family does the same thing with our 5 little little girls.

  2. I usualy feel the same way on family meetings. I don't have any cousins in my age (they're either at least 10 years older or they're younger), so I'm extremely bored :) And your nephew is just ADORABLE!!!

  3. Nabilah! I'm only 3 years your senior and alisha is 2 years your junior!!! Age gap not that wide what! You dont like meeting us? Tak jiwa kazfren uh you beb! hurt my feelings you know? :(


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